How Can You Improve Your Online Store?

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An online store is a perfect way to enhance the delivery of your products and services to your customers. It is also a way to improve brand presence. But how do you ensure that your site is living up to your expectations? How do you improve your online store so you can reach a larger audience and greatly increase your site rankings as well?

Remember your Customers

Improve Online Store
Your customers matter every step of the way and ensuring that they get the best user experience when they use your eCommerce site is foremost. Every aspect of their personal experience as they visit your site should never be overlooked. Some of the most important points are:

  • *Creating a clutter-free site so customers will clearly see what your site is all about
  • *Ensuring that site menus are easy to navigate and use
  • *Organizing product with descriptions, images and prices
  • *Creating a responsive customer service experience
  • *Placing social media sharing options such as buttons for Facebook and Twitter
  • *Reducing pop ups and increasing page loading time


Remember your Mobile Customers

Mobile Customers
Customers use their mobile phones and tablets to search the web for all different kinds of information these days. Therefore it makes a lot of sense to make sure that your eCommerce site is mobile-friendly too.
You have to make sure that your site can be seen on any kind of mobile device and on any size of screen. Every part of your site should be accessible for mobile users. All of the following will help improve the number of mobile users that will use your site.

  • *Use a simple website design
  • *Use large fonts and place important information above the fold so that users can easily see on any type of mobile device
  • *Use buttons that are easily clickable even with a finger on a touch screen
  • *Use a responsive design that will automatically resize and adjust screens


Choose Product Photos Well

You must use photos to describe your product or your service but not just any kind of photo will do. Photos should be high quality, clear, appealing and significant.
Product Image
According to a recent study, people remember 80% of visual-based information which is a huge number compared to simply reading text or using traditional email marketing. The better quality your images are, the more likely you will be able to capture the attention of your customers and get your site more publicity. You can greatly enhance your eCommerce site through:

  • *Keeping around 3 photos for every product on your site. The number of photos should be consistent for all kinds of products.
  • *Showing the benefits of your products using photos. You can use close up product images to emphasize the features and to show the product quality.
  • *Showing all the different colors and styles of the product will improve customer experience.

By using the above strategies, you will be able to improve your online store in no time, which can easily lead to more customers now and over the long term. These tips are all easy to implement and you can start creating a new eCommerce site today.

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