How to Choose a WordPress Hosting Company

Fastest WordPress Hosting

Many people wonder just how to choose a WordPress hosting company these days as many businesses need a website. It has become an important role in how businesses online function and can help them reach a wider array of customers and potential sales.

Web hosting, though, is one area that is often times overlooked and this actually improves SEO allowing you to show up in search engines. This is how people find your business site.

When it comes to choosing the best WordPress hosting company, there are a few things to look for and consider to ensure you get one that will work best for you. You can choose a free option but this has a lot of downfalls, and there are other companies such as FatCow that offers a number of packages for you to choose from.

WordPress has become the largest companies for online blogging and more, and many businesses use it to help promote their products or a service. They receive millions of views each month and there are hundreds of thousands of users each month making it one of the more popular ones available these days.

WordPress Hosting Company: Reputation

Fastest WordPress Hosting

When it comes down to it though, there really isn’t a right or wrong answer. It all comes down to your needs. You want to find a web hosting company that is well-known and one that has a reputable presence online. If the company is new you may want to consider something that has a little more reputation.

The best solution for your web hosting needs comes down to a few things such as:

  • # How much you have to spend?
  • # How much space you need?
  • # How much you are willing and want to do?
  • # How much you know about web hosting?

How Much Time Do You Want to Work?

Some people want something that they don’t have to work with a lot and they end up setting up their website and letting it run itself. However, this can be a downfall as you want to keep your site maintained and can keep it fresh in the search engines.

If you want something that allows you to have complete control over your site and what goes on it. With free hosting you may not always get this. You want to put in effort to keep your site up-to-date as this keeps customers coming back.

If you want a paid hosting company for your WordPress blogging site, FatCow is a great placed to get everything you need. You get the experts who can help even those who are new to the online business niche.

They can take your business form just a simple domain and help you turn it into a beautifully designed site that is well thought out and will eventually have you bringing in large sales.

There are some things to consider before choosing your WordPress host. Making the wrong choice can have dire consequences later on, so you want to make sure you choose wisely.

Types of WordPress Hosting

Depending upon your specific needs, you’ll choose one of several different types of WordPress hosting. Here’s a brief look at each type

[1] Free WordPress Hosting:

This type of hosting actually does comes at a price. In exchange for a ‘free’ hosting service, you will likely have to display some sort of ad or banner on your website for a different company; usually the hosting company that you’re using. If you are running a reputable business and want your customers to take you seriously, this is not a viable option for you.

[2] Shared WordPress Hosting:

This is very popular among new users and is usually the most affordable. With shared hosting, there are multiple sites on one server. This is ok to start with, but as your business grows and your website takes up more resources, you will likely need to upgrade your account.

[3] WordPress VPS Hosting:

A virtual private server refers to a ‘virtual’ machine. The physical server is partitioned into several servers to suit your needs. This generally requires technical knowledge and is best suited for intermediate users. Otherwise, you have the option of a managed VPS hosting service in which your provider will manage all upgrades.

[4] WordPress Dedicated Server:

As the name suggests, this is a server that is for your purposes only. This gives you full control over the software, operating system, etc. This is a great option when your business receives a significant amount of traffic.

WordPress Themes and Plugins

A theme dictates the functionality and design of your website without changing the WordPress software. Changing your theme can take some time, so choose wisely. The theme should fit with your overall business brand and personality.

A plugin is a small program that adds specific functionality to your website. Plugins can save you time, money and make your onsite presence more appealing.

Here are some examples of themes and plugins you can install for your WordPress site:

[a] Twenty Eleven: This theme is completely adaptable and customizable. It comes with a header image, custom menu, and background. It also has light and dark color schemes.
[b] Page Lines: This theme features a drag and drop platform that will save you loads of time.
[c] Contact Buddy: This free plugin helps you create a contact form for your site.
[d] Server Buddy: This free plugin will save you time by helping you diagnose server problems, and provides easy-to-understand definitions and explanations of various server settings.

There are, of course, many more plugins and themes for your WordPress site. Hosting companies such as Host Gator, Site 5, Blue Host and InMotion hosting will support all of these plugins and themes.


Consider the nature of your small business and your overall goals before choosing a WordPress hosting company, theme and plugins.

Taking your time now to select WordPress host will save you undue frustration in the future.

There is a lot to know when it comes to WordPress hosting sites so you ideally want to do as much research as possible on the companies before you die in and choose one.

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