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In 2009, Intermedia became the world’s first provider of hosted Microsoft Exchange in 2010.

Intermedia is a highly reputable company offering excellent solutions to its customers for the past 35 years.

Intermedia is a one-stop shop for cloud business applications. This is why we were so excited for our Review. Review

The Company has been here for almost 3 decades and has a loyal customer standing of 100,000 businesses.

The Company started in 1995. They are the true pioneers of the Cloud Services as they were offering cloud services much before they became a buzz.

They have around 900,000 premium hosted Exchange mailboxes under management and 150,000 voice lines.

The Cloud Service has spread its wings to conference calling, content management, collaboration tools, and application infrastructure.

Here are the Services offered at Intermedia:

1- 99.999% Uptime

The up time provided by Intermedia is extra-ordinary in itself. All companies boast about 100 % uptime but there is hardly a single company that full fills the promise.

They make use of latest technological advancements to increase the speed and stability.

Up time determines the major pedestal of choosing between the best web hosting services.

A survey was conducted by over popular 30 Web Hosting Companies and none of them was able to give 100 % up time for 12 months.

2- 24/7 Support

Intermedia have a highly trained and friendly staff ready to help its customers all year round.

The team is always supportive and understanding of the needs of its clients.

They typically respond within minutes and generate 5 star reviews for their services.

The customer service is another factor, which determines the choice of selection.

Great up time and fast loading time would take a back seat when users need help if the website is down and there is nobody to help.

The Customer Support Team at Intermedia is available 24/7 all year round.

They can be reached through phone calls, live chat, emails, and tickets.

They are fair and unbiased in their approach to all customers. They have generated thousands of reviews by honest customers who swear by its customer services

3- Worry-Free Experience

Intermedia has unique features that put it on the front burner of extra ordinary.

The worry-free-experience has four pillars- security, reliability, on boarding, support, and regulatory compliance.

The Company assures the customers of 24/7 monitoring of data and prevents any hacking issues or loss of confidential data.

They are highly reliable as the promise the data of the customers is be safe.

They guarantee security of important data for all users.

They have special expertise in migration of data to there cloud. All the data is carefully transferred without any loss or damage.

The Company makes use of latest technological advancements to keep pace with her competitors.

4- Data Security- Review for security.

Security of Data is one of the most important aspects to consider when investing in web hosting.

Intermedia guarantees security of all your important data .

The data of the customers at Intermedia is private and secure in all the packages.

It has a feature of email security and multiple options for recovering data as a back up.

5- There Migration

The hardest part about moving your business to another domain or cloud is the risk of losing confidential data.

The services at Intermedia would help you have a safe migration without any loss of data or hassle.

They have experience of migrating an average of 15,000 mailboxes and over 5,000 phone numbers each month.

One can be sure of being in safe hands when at Intermedia.

6- Infrastructure

The infrastructure at Intermedia is exceptional as it proudly boasts, “Not all Clouds are created equal”.

They have over a few decades of experience in handling Cloud. The cloud is engineered for processing speed at all three layers of its architecture; the virtualization layer, the computing layer and the storage layer.

They believe that the only way to ensure superior performance is by having full visibility from inside and outside.

7- Hosted Exchange

Intermedia would make your experience with Cloud more enjoyable.

It allows the customers to integrate, customize, and control the cloud.

The services provided at Intermedia are integrated, secure and managed from a single control panel–which makes the cloud easier to use and more efficient to manage.

It provides the customers with a wide range of customization options.

8- Protection from Cyber Criminals

It has been researched that financial firms are always a target of Cyber Criminals. Intermedia assure protection from all kinds of Cyber fraud and Cyber Criminals.

They provide customers with security controls to protect their sensitive information.

The security tools at Intermedia are highly effective and ensure complete protection from all kinds of fraudulent firms.

Intermedia is a one-stop shop for cloud business applications. What do you think of my massive out of control Review?

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