Internet Sales Tactics For Web Hosting Professionals

Internet Sales Tactics

Internet sales tactics are one thing when it comes to brick and mortar establishments, or even things like car dealerships or face-to-face interactions. But, when it comes to the online world, an entirely different set of rules come into play, and that’s when you get to start working with internal matters.

Some of the internal matters specifically can be knowing who you’re selling to, learning to read analytics, opening up AdSense opportunities, making web-based payments easy, and even opening up online real-time chat options.

In this article, we’ll share and discuss some of the Internet sales tactics with you. Hope you find them useful.

6 Internet Sales Tactics for You to Implement

Here they are:

#1 Know Who You’re Selling To

As a web hosting professional, anyone who’s buying a domain will need a web hosting service. A domain seller like GoDaddy sells approx. 150,000 domains daily. Do you realise the potential here? You have a huge market to pitch the web hosting services – shared, dedicated or VPS hosting.

When it comes to selling in the tech industry, you need to make sure that the internal logistic of your website are absolutely on point. Who is going to buy tech products from a site that doesn’t have its own details taken care of? And because you know that tech people are going to be the ones that you’re selling to, that capacity to understand audience is going to play a central role in your ability to provide a competitive service within the overall scheme of the web.

Therefore, create a web hosting selling website, that is simple, elegant and useful. Buyers shouldn’t have trouble checking out, accessing hosting dashboard and provide quick support system. Run promotional offers from time-to-time to increase sales.

#2 Learn to Read Analytics

Internet sales tactics often are a result of learning to read analytics as well. You should read the in-depth post from Content Marketing Institute.

Since sales are shown to be hard data in analytics terms, and smart tech business person is going to know how to collect, organize, and relate sets of data through the sales department and into the advertising projects that are in place, especially when it comes to things like clicks, likes, time spent, and intro and outro pages that people run through when they’re scanning the content of your site.

There is no need of external software to receive detailed analytics. Setup Google Analytics in detail along with Google Webmaster Tools to receive accurate report of how the web hosting business is performing. People new to Analytics should go for a crash course to learn its working and best optimisation strategies.

#3 Open Up AdSense Opportunities

Apart from the web hosting packages on sale, use the power of Google AdSense to supplement the income. And the easiest way to get more money is from passive income that can very easily come from Google’s AdSense program. With just a few clicks, you can set up an account, and when people register views and impressions on your pages, you get money based on a series of financial algorithms.

AdSense is a partner with millions of advertisers. Based on the website niche, AdSense delivers ads on the web page and whenever someone clicks on those ads, the website owner earns a sum of money. Bloggers and publishers use AdSense to improve their AdSense earnings. As a web hosting professional, place a 300 x 300 AdSense banner on the website to earn more.

#4 Make Payments Easy

According to post on sales and customers, 67.45% of online retailers lose their customers at the checkout page. Why? There are a number of reasons such as unexpected cost additions, finding a better price somewhere else, complicated navigation, overall price too expensive, website crashing, payment security concerns, excessive payment security checks, website timeout and more.

Inside your hosted web site, you also need to make sure that payments are as easy as possible. The most common solution to this problem is going to be by having a business PayPal account set up, and that way users are only one or two clicks away from buying your goods and services. While it may not be in your control to mitigate all the above presented problems, some are truly in your control.

The payment gateway page should be devoid of distractions and have minimum processes for the payment to be through. While security is important, better technology should be embedded to process quicker payments. Apart from PayPal, try Stripe and Payoneer as payment options.

You can also checkout 40 Checkout Page Strategies to Improve Conversion Rates to improve your web hosting checkout page.

#5 Open Chat Options

One of the best Internet sales tactics is to have a salesman available to chat in real-time within the constructs or your website. This is an easy type of application to install, and one that many users and clients feel is a great convenience, especially if they have a question about a tech product.

There are multiple Live Chat options available in the market, which allows you to add multiple Support and Sales people to collect Live lead, talk to them real-time, collect their details and follow-up later.

Some of the recommended Live Chat options are Zopim, MyLiveChat and Tawk. Try them out – these have both free for limited use and fully-accessible paid plans.

#6 Use an Email List

Unless you’re starting a web hosting business, there should exists an email list with you. Using email list as Internet sales tactics is an old and still effective strategy. Unless you haven’t built an email list, which you should begin now by using software like MailChimp or, there is an untapped opportunity present.

Assuming that the email list is of users who are already paid customers, email them a referral plan proposing to bring your web hosting business sales for a commission in return. Or, if there is an email list of un-converted sales leads, email them with a promotional offer.


It isn’t rocket-science to grasp Internet sales tactics. What are you waiting for?

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