Limestone Networks Review

Limestone Networks Review

Limestone networks Review

I have come across several hosting companies in my career. While there are many hosting companies out there, not many offer great services or customer support. Hence selecting a hosting service can sometimes be very hard for an individual or a business. This will focus on my experiences with Limestone networks Review, a premium hosting company.

Limestone Networks is based in Dallas, Texas. This company specializes in providing dedicated hosting packages. The main target audience the hosting company targets is large businesses and individuals who run heavy applications online or depend on dedicated servers. With their dedicated hosting plans, businesses or users can continue operating their websites without the fear of ever going out of storage space or running out of bandwidth because they were sharing it with other businesses. Limestone Networks has carefully planned out its packages to suit the needs of different individuals and businesses. Let’s have a look at the packages offered by the hosting company:


Dedicated Server Plans

The first and most basic package offered by Limestone networks costs about $119 per month. With this package you get yourself a machine running on Intel Core 2 Due E8200 processor. It comes pre-installed with 250 GB worth of storage space and a bandwidth limit of 2 TB. This is great for individuals running large websites.


The second package which is a mid level package comes with a Intel Core 2 Quad Q9650 machine. This machine is pre-installed with 500 GB worth of storage space and a bandwidth limit of 6 TB. The server is great for medium sized businesses running heavy traffic oriented websites. This package can be obtained for $174 per month.


The last and the strongest package of Limestone networks cost around $475. This package gets you machine with a Dual Intel Xeon 5650 processor and server storage space of 250 GB RE3. The bandwidth limit is slightly low compared to the medium level package, offering you only 3 TB of bandwidth. This is because in return you get a very powerful machine. This package is great for organizations running custom applications that require fast servers in the background.Limestone networks review, you need to keep reading.

What makes Limestone Networks A Great Hosting Company?

The first thing I noticed with Limestone Networks is that it comes with a very user friendly and easy to use control panel. Even though the hosting company targets expert users, beginner or intermediate level users will still get a very good understanding of what is offered here. The control panel offered by Limestone Networks has a very nice graphical interface complete with guidelines, making it a great choice for any administrator.


Another great attribute of the company is its stability and reliability. After having my sites hosted on their server for about six months, I was completely satisfied with the performance of the server. Also my server never really went down during this course of time.


For individuals who are on a budget may find Limestone Networks their greatest ally. The packages may look expensive when you see them for the first time, but if you start comparing their services with other companies out there, you will realize that Limestone Networks is the most budget friendly company out there for dedicated servers.


Limestone networks have kept its services top notch for as long as it has been in business. I have come across many companies that lose track of their services and often slack during some months of an year. But Limestone Networks has kept its service on the top level for as long as I have had their packages active. This is great for businesses who can’t afford to go down even for a second.


The only problem I have been able to detect about Limestone Networks is that there are no other packages offered by the company. So if you are looking for a shared hosting or cloud hosting plans, you won’t find any here. This is slightly disappointing since I would have loved to have the same service quality on shared hosting plans.



Limestone Networks is an excellent hosting company for organizations, large businesses and individuals who depend on fast servers. The company offers excellent customer and technical support at any given time. Plus their service has never gone down for longer than three minutes which is a huge plus. Logan Oulman has done a full Limestone networks Review.