Liveperson vs Olark | The Biggest Beast In Live Chat Software

Are you confused between Liveperson vs Olark?

Liveperson vs Olark are undoubtedly the most reputable companies for the Customer Support Software.

They both hold equal market shares and high reputation with the customers worldwide. What is that sets them apart?

Liveperson vs Olark

If you were looking for a Customer Support Software for your business, what factors would determine your choice between Olark vs Liveperson?

People from different professions swear by their reliability. Both companies have been around for over a long period.

They are well-known and trusted brands. What sets them apart from each other is subtle but can be easily overlooked.

What you are looking for will determine the best option for you – Liveperson or Olark?

Here is a detailed comparison of the features.

1- Customer Experience

Liveperson and Olark are giants in Customer Support and both have been exceptional in providing customers guaranteed satisfaction.

There is a slight difference between the percentages of customer satisfaction ratio.

The Olark has 98% satisfied customers whereas Liveperson has 97% satisfied users.

A Team of professionals is available 24/7 to help the customers through phone calls, chats, emails, and ticketing system.

The Reviews at Olark are comparatively better than that of Liveperson.

2- Price

Another factor that determines largely, the choice of the product is affordability.

Live person offers the services for 18 USD per month whereas Olark has comparatively cheaper rates of 12 USD monthly.

If your pocket book doesn’t not allow you to spend 18 USD monthly for live chat.

You can always go for economical rates at other companies.

One can also keep track of the deals and discounts for best prices at best web-hosting giants.

3- Features

Live Person and Olark has unique features and one’s choice of the right customer support would depend upon the individual need.

Live Person offers fast and smooth interactions with asynchronous loading. The customer service is highly reputable and personalized with access to multiple language support.

The services provided allow one to keep track of efficient site visitor targets, geo-location and conducts webinars or videos.

Olark, on the other hand, offers the features such as integration with Google analytics and Live Chat Software.

It holds expertise in CRM and Help Desk Integration.

The Customization’s are highly individualized and one can set up the whole business with its help.

Olark can also receive offline messages and makes use of the API in browser chat.

Both Companies have unique features, which are suited to individual’s needs. The decision about the best web hosting would depend upon the requirement of the business.

4- Integrations

Live Person stands out as a clear winner in supporting integration’s. It offers integration’s with chat queue video, share my screen, mobile agent, watchittoo, walkme, TA vision, Intelliresponse.

Loyalayer, sales force integration, speak like, turn to, virtual agent, pro-active chat and many other applications that are not available with Olark.

Olark offers integration’s with applications with companies like Google Analytics.

Also can use Sales force, Nutshell, Big commerce, Zen desk, High-rise, Talk desk, X CART, Magneto, Volusion, 3D cart, and Segment.

5- Plans and Packages

Olark offers a very interesting range of Plans, which have been carefully designed. It has four major plans – Bronze, Gold, Platinum, and Ultimate.

All the Plans include all basic features and a free trial period.

Live Person however has unique packages, which are sold on basis of engagements, active chats, or banner clicks.

The packages are, 18 USD per month for 12 engagements, 45 USD per month for 30 engagements and so on.

6- International Language Support

Olark leads in providing multiple languages support worldwide. It has spread its wings in these countries- USA, UK, Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia, China, Germany, India, Japan, Latin America, and Middle East.

Live Person has a comparatively less outreach in far away countries. It is restricted to USA, UK, Canada, Europe, Germany, and India.

Olark is a leading software service that gives businesses the opportunity to interact with customers in real time.

Live Person takes it at a further level by opening the doors of live video and calls with customers for better relationships

7- Company Information

Olark was founded in 2008 whereas Live Person has been here for long. It was founded in 1995, almost a decade of better experience than Olark.

If longevity of the business and loyal customer reviews affect your decision, Live Person is a better deal as the company has been offering excellent services for a long period.

8- Technological Advancements and Innovations

A Company that does spend its finances on research and innovation for future generations is more promising than the one that uses the same technology repeatedly for decades.

Olark uses instant messengers for real time customer information.

Olark Live Chat is the easiest way to boost sales of the business. Live Person offers fantastic customer support itself but Olark is a little better.

Both LivePerson vs Olark is indisputable live chat Giants, the answer to which one is better would depend upon the requirements of the business.

Let us know 100% what your true feedback is on our Liveperson vs Olark review and what input you have.

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