My MacKeeper Review And Why You Should Use Them

MacKeeper Review

The biggest question i hear these days is what is mackeeper? It is a multi purpose virus protection program and can help keep viruses off your mac. But recently there has been a storm around the company which we will discuss below. They have over 11 million users currently according to there website. It is really just another mac cleaner that can give some security features as well. Here is our mackeeper review , the reason you should or should not choose them as your virus protection. The MacKeeper was originally owned by a company called Zeobit and was sold a couple of years ago to another company called Kromtech inc.
mackeeper review

The mackeeper price is not bad compared to other mac antivirus programs.
*Mackeeper Monthly Plan- If you pay monthly it will cost you around $14.95 a month, but they will give you a 15% off discount code to bring that cost down some.
*Mackeeper 6 month Plan- If you prepay for 6 months it even gets cheaper at an average of $11.95 per month, throw in that 15% off coupon and its even better.
*Mackeeper Annual Plan- If you prepay annually you will save big time at a low $8.95 a month. And take that coupon code off that they offer you on there website and you can get that down pretty quick.

When you first install your new mackeeper it will run a first update to see if there is anything you currently have on your system that could be dangerous. It takes just a few minutes to run.
People have complained in the past that it shows to many things that are on your system and asks you to download other things they offer to your computer. This has been reported to cause heavy load times on the mac system itself . People have reported that MacKeeper uses scary ads that appear as “pop-under” ads on your website, telling people to clean their Macs. Pop unders are a terrible way to do business and can cause performance issue with your system due to the load of the code for the pop under’s.

If your looking to get started today installing there mac protection you can start by clicking the mackeeper download button on this page.They have an amazing anti-theft feature that if your mac is stolen it will take a picture to let you know where the mac is located so the police can respond and you can hopefully get back your mac. This is a pretty cool feature and could be worth the money by itself. Replacing any Apple product is not cheap, its like having some extra insurance on your device.

The Mackeeper backup feature is very slick and can let you back up all your files with a touch with the click of a button. They also have the data encryption so your files and folders can be encrypted so if someone gets a hold of your apple product they can access your private info.

mac keeper coupon

So far we have learned the mackeeper review pro’s : Again lets highlight them for you.
*Price- Very cheap compared to other mac protection programs.
*Easy to install and does backup’s, encryption and security features other programs can not offer.
*Used by over 11 million users so you know that it has been successful.

Mackeeper Review Con’s: Every Company Has Them
Now lets turn the tide to the con’s of what has happened from previous customers and the company issues that has arose from it. In 2014 the old company that owned them were sued for bad business practice issues from being caught to self promoting in there pop under’s to get there users into buying more add ons and affiliate links attached to the pop unders. They lost multiple lawsuits.
People claimed that the mackeeper didnt work like it was advertised and caused more issues then helped. There current refund rate sits at around 2% of all sales. This all has been cleared up with the new company that owns them , and it looks like the reviews have been more positive the last 2 years. More people have been searching for how to uninstall mackeeper then previously.

For some reason if you need to uninstall mackeeper here are the steps to do so . How to uninstall Mackeeper Step By Step.
Following these simple steps, the MacKeeper will be uninstalled from your computer whether it was installed with .pkg -.dmg installer
1. Quit Mackeeper
2. Drag The Mackeeper To The Trash Bin
3. Click “Uninstall MacKeeper” in
the window that appears.
Once this is done you are just about done with the program. Some people have reported that there is still traces of there program with left over files. If you see those files delete those as you find them.
So in closing 11 million people use there product , there are people that hate there product. but always remember that every company has good reviews and bad reviews. It is a good product i think or they wouldnt have over 11 million users. But if you dont like them you can cancel and get a refund. In closing here is a video of a happy customer:Let us know if you have anything to add to our mackeeper review , are you using them ? Do you plan to use them?

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