Magento vs Prestashop 2016

When you are opting for the ideal eCommerce platform, it is imperative to look at the best choices available in the market. Reading the following comparison between Magento vs Prestashop will take you a step further in making the correct choice.

After going through the detailed comparison between the both, you will get a good idea about which one suits you the best.

We have done some homework about both and written this comparison in focusing on various features, pricing and offerings. 


Prestashop was launched in August 2007, particularly for medium and small-scale businesses. It is a leading Open Source eCommerce platform that utilizes the Smarty template engine for PHP language.

Magento vs Prestashop

You can download Prestashop from their website for free but additional elements like templates, themes and modules can be bought after payment from their store.

Some of the top features of this eCommerce platform include all-round support (in different 38 languages), free shared SSL, free domain name, cross selling, affiliate programs and special promotional deals.

The Open Source edition of Prestashop also supports leading payment gateways like PayPal and Google Checkout. One of the downsides of the company is that there is no official Customer Support channel for its customers, but they have started an online forum where customers can exchange their views and support each other.



Magento was launched in March 2001. It is also an Open Source eCommerce platform that provides its users with complete control over their e-store.

The feature rich software solution offers search engine optimization (SEO), catalog-management tools, crop marketing tools to offer their customers the power to develop online commerce websites customized to their needs.

Also, Magento is growing and expanding at a consistent rate by regularly creating latest features, modules and extensions for their customers.

A Quick Breakdown of Magento vs Prestashop

Both Prestashop and Magento are open-source software solutions, but are customized in different ways by their merchants. Prestashop offers a myriad of features like SEO, reporting, analytics and many others for the easy management of the online store.

More than 125,000 online stores are using Prestashop. This makes the program a leading choice for many businesses.

On the other hand, Magento is known to be the number one choice of merchants who are looking for shopping cart solutions in their e-commerce stores.

This company also offers many tools and features for the customization of e-stores. The SEO benefits provided are better than any other CMS as they focus on merchandising and promotions. The company also offers the option for multiple types of payment and shipping.

Most large-scale companies have shown their trust on the features provided by Magento.

What You Get with Magento?

As said earlier there are many features to look forward in Magento. It is an ideal ecommerce solution offering you the required flexibility to develop an e-commerce store conceptualized by you.

You are totally in control of your online store and can change its content, looks and its functions. Magento can also be used as a catalog-management tool and to optimize your store for search engines.

As the software solution was launched in the year 2001, there is plenty of support available online for your questions.

The company has recently collaborated with eBay that makes it even more powerful and has added more experience and innovation in its kitty!


All types of features, extensions and modules are offered to the customers. Also, they have gained a lot of praise for their technical support system with many calling it the “best” in the market.

Magento is ideally suited for more professional e-stores and works perfectly for those who wish to run a partial or full-time online business.

What You Get with Prestashop?

Prestashop is another leading eCommerce software solution offering many features. The basic set up is free of cost but for additional features, you have to buy from their store.

To take the maximum advantage of the system, you must purchase fantastic themes, templates and payment modules from their store. If you are a medium or small scale business looking to make a strong online presence, the software shall not disappoint you.

Although available in 40 languages, the software solution fully supports only in French and English. There is no formal support team available, but most of the users and developers are online on their forum where you can get answers to most of your queries.


There essential requirements you need to meet in order to use the program on your system include MySQL 5 and PHP 5.2.

The software works excellently on Windows, UNIX and Linux Operating Systems.

Magento vs Prestashop

Let’s see a detailed comparison.

Comparison between Magento and Prestashop

It is not that easy to make a decision between Prestashop vs Magento. Both are powerful eCommerce software solutions.

However, Prestashop is ideally suited for small and medium scale businesses and Magento is most suitable for large and medium size businesses.

Whether you are opting for an online business for the first time or thinking of migrating from another solution, both of these solutions are ideal.

If you are not so good technically and plan to work on the online store yourself, then Prestashop proves to be a better choice.

However, if you are technically sound and have a wide knowledge of web designing, then Magento will prove to be the best.

It is easier to customize your shopping cart with Prestashop while Magento doesn’t offer any such facility.

If you are a larger enterprise with a team of web developers, Magento will fit the needs of your shopping cart. However, if you are a small scale company and incapable of hiring anyone for your designing needs, then Prestashop shall prove to be a better choice.

Looking at the Numbers

Prestashop was founded in the year 2007 whereas Magento got launched in the year 2001. Till now, Magento has released 15 versions whereas Prestashop has released only seven.

There are over 25,000 extensions and plugins offered by Prestashop and Magento offers around 1,500.

Both of the software solutions have the same number of clients with some biggies in their respective accounts. For instance, customers like Nike AU and UK are using Magento and Prestashop provides e-store for Fab Shoes.

Magento vs Prestashop

If we compare the social media connectivity of both the solutions, then it is seen that Magento has around three times as many followers as Prestashop on Twitter. The monthly maintenance fee of Prestashop is around half when compared to that of Magento. On Google, Magento is more searched than Prestashop.

It is easier to install Prestashop and also easier to customize it than Magento. But, Magento provides more features and SEO benefits than all its competitors.

Magento Funding

Magento vs Prestashop Comparison Features

Here they are:

 #1 Features: Prestashop Vs. Magento

It is easier to install Prestashop and it comes loaded with many advanced features. For example, the advanced search modules available with Prestashop are faster when compared to those available with Magento.

Magento offers many out-of-the-box features including customer groups, Multi Store, CMS, product comparisons among many others. It is a fully compatible e-commerce platform offering some of the best SEO features. If you are looking for a better UI/UX design for your store, then Magento proves to be the best.

 #2 Ease of use

Prestashop provides a user-friendly interface to work on thus even if you are a newbie in the technological field, you will be able to set up and add features with ease.

There are many extensions required to setup Magento like CURL, PDO and many others.

 #3 Cost

You can download Prestashop easily from their official website. Most of their modules are readily available on the Internet free of cost although there are many paid modules also available and can be purchased from the store to enhance your e-commerce store.

There are two versions of Magento namely free Open Source and an Enterprise version.

All the required features that are necessary to set up a good online store are available in this version.

If you are looking for a highly advanced e-commerce store with control features and level tracking, then only go for their Enterprise version. SOLR implementation and support is also offered in the Enterprise version.

 #4 Coding Framework:

Prestashop has adopted the Smarty Template engine that is based on PHP.

Magenta has adopted the Zend framework based on PHP, and it possesses all the capabilities of MVC architecture.

 #5 Design Integration

You may find Magento slightly complicated than Prestashop and may need assistance for UI issues.

 #6 SEO Compatibility

SEO support offered by Magento is better and more advanced than Prestashop.

 #7 Community

Magento offers better customer support and a larger community outreach as compared to Prestashop.

The Overall Picture

After the comparison of the major features of both Prestashop and Magento, you can clearly see that both are suitable for different kinds of online stores.

However, Prestashop is not as popular as Magento, but over the past few years, the popularity of Prestashop has increased exponentially.

Being new to the market, it is believed Prestashop will emerge as the biggest competitor of Magento in the time to come. The choice between the both is not easy to make, as both are great eCommerce solutions.

Who Should Choose Magento?

If you are looking for full control over your online store, then Magento will work perfectly for you. If you are looking to expand your business at a larger level, then the features available with Magento will suit you better.

Who Should Choose Prestashop?

If you have a smaller business and need a more user-friendly option to fit in your online store needs, then Prestashop shall be perfect.

This shall help to reduce your cost, and you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket for the setting up everything.

At the End!

Hope, you can make up your choice between both after reading the article above. Irrespective of your choice, you need the right hosting, to begin with.

If you are going in with Prestashop, you should select hosting plans that offer full support to that. However, in any hosting, Magento fits in perfectly.

You need to make your choice after considering the type of online store you are looking to build and the kind of budget you have at your disposal.

If budget is not an issue for you and you want to expand your business to the next level quickly, Magento should be your choice.

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