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Best Managed Hosting – Best Pick – 2017

best managed hosting

$29.95 Wpengine


Stunning speed, powerful security, and best-in-class customer service. At WP Engine, WordPress isn’t just our platform, it’s our passion.


Because most people who require the best managed hosting for their websites are not technically inclined, they will need a managed hosting solution where the server maintenance is left to the professionals. This means that a managed hosting will be required.





Sonar Monitoring, Server Secure, Heroic Support, Data Centers, Excellent Service



$159.95 SingleHop


No Setup Fees – No Contracts, Windows – Linux – cPanel – Plesk, LEAP (webtop, mobile, widget, iPad, API), Over 5,000 servers installed





Unlimited Disk Space and Bandwidth, Free Domain Name, Host Unlimited Domains in 1, 2,500 POP3 Email Accounts, 24x7x365 Support


This fact is known by web hosting companies and they all provide the best managed hosting packages for their hosting clients. On the other hand, if you are technically inclined or your company has its own IT team, then you will not need a managed hosting solution, and an unmanaged plan would suit your situation. Full control will be in the hands of the business owner. He will be responsible for the maintenance of the server, its scripts and its server side applications.

The responsibility of trouble shooting will also rest with the business owner. Even if a business owner was capable of handling an unmanaged hosting solution, often they will choose not to do as it will leave them with time to focus on their business operations. They will look to have the server managed and maintained by the professionals.

Top Managed Hosting Choice – 2017 (#1 iPower)


iPower Web – Our #1 Top Hosting Choice for Managed Hosting

This medium sized company has an efficient and effective technical support team. It guarantees a 100% server uptime, and that leaves a business owner confident that his website will have continuous access by its customers. This is the type of service offered by iPower Web.


The company owns a multiple data center in Boston and it has a total of 1/2 Petabyte storage capacity, it houses 800 servers, and provides top notch service. There are very highly skilled professionals behind the company’s operation. This is especially so because of the high end equipment that is involved in the dedicated hosting plans.


We believe that iPower Web provides the type of managed hosting solution that most people seeking managed hosting will want for their business. This type of hosting is mostly needed by very large organizations, although not those large enough to afford their own IT department.

It is definitely not a type of hosting that is needed by a small Mom and Pop business. For those mid-sized companies for whom this hosting is an ideal solution, the great benefit to them is the greater power, the ample bandwidth and the security that it affords. Many companies will purchase the server but do not have to store them, and will not need to employ an IT team to manage them. Business owners will appreciate this ideal hosting solution.


The other cheaper hosting alternatives that you may want to use include VPS hosting and Cloud hosting. In Cloud hosting you will only pay for the resources you actually consume. On these web pages on Daily Hosting we provide reviews on Cloud and VPS hosts, and in addition we award our choice of the top hosts in each group.


If however, you are certain that a dedicated managed hosting solution is what you need, then you will well advised to look into the offerings of iPower Web. This company leads the way with these types of web hosting. The decision of which web host to choose should not cause you a long deliberation. You should go with a solution that is set up for you and one that you do not have to worry about.


This is the best managed hosting and can be provided for you be iPower Web.