BLOG and why they can find you your next lover is the longest running online dating site on the Internet. It had started out as a dating website for mature people in 1996.

The matchmaking online service provided by them has helped millions of single men and women to find their perfect match.


The dating website does not spends much of marketing like its competitors but still continues to be the number one option for singles around the country.

They are a premier online dating service with thousands of success stories. Once you get yourself registered at their website free.

You will be surprised to learn how scientific and innovative match making processes are practiced at

Your profile would be compared with over 10 million active members to shortlist the ones who fit in your idea of perfect partner.

It is a diverse platform with singles from all religions, mainly, Christian singles, Jewish singles, Muslim singles, Catholic singles and Baptist singles.

The reasons to join Matchmaker are many, few to mention;

1- 100 % Free Memberships

2- Access to thousands of Profiles

3- Scientific Approach towards matchmaking

4- Secure Online Dating

While the above-mentioned reasons are satisfying enough to create an account with Matchmakers, you would be thrilled to hear that fifty thousand single people join the website every week.

3/4 the of the users registered at Matchmaker are about 35 years old, professionals, educated and looking for a happy and healthy relationship to be culminated into a marriage.

Matchmaker is the same as Online-dating leader, where you can interact with millions of singles, fuels Matchmaker.

In fact, they are both owned and operated by Avalanche, LLC. They also run more niche dating sites like,, and

They are the pioneers in finding love through a click.

The weekly newsletters published at would enlighten you about relationships secrets, psychology behind dating, tips of creating a great profile and much more.

The website has a user-friendly interface and easy to navigate layout. It exhibits a very interesting style, which can be customized as per the individual.

The shy singles have the option of “show interest” button, which would highlight them without many efforts.


The ones who want to play it large can access the option of sending mass messages to member pool to start multiple conversations before hitting the right person.

One of the fastest and easiest sites to register, Matchmaking asks you basic questions about your physical appearance, religion, and ethnicity.

In order to serve what you asked for they might ask about your alcohol/ smoking consumption.

They have over a million active users who are scrutinized and analyzed based upon your likes and dislikes.

The website offers cooler alternatives for youthful and adventurous , sending winks instead of personal messages.

Or the option of sending mass winks or mass messages for the ones who want to pick up the best available option.

Members can search using the basic search or the advanced search option for more detailing.

The option to save members as favorites is incredible, you can keep track of the people you have showed interest in and compare them with others.

“Wanna meet up?” is another cool feature which allows you to meet suitable partners living in the neighborhood or nearby locations.

The Site Activity Dashboard allows to keep track of how many new people have just joined the website and how many live near you.

It would also reveal how many people have been looking at your profile and how many of them are currently online to chat. Matchmaker has its own messaging called IM.

Matchmaker is still the best way to find true love, especially for older singles looking for marriages.

It is old school and values romantic ideas of flowers and gifts, they have the option of sending gifts like sending messages on the website.

They believe in Love as this quote says, “Unless it’s mad, passionate, extraordinary love, it’s a waste of your time.

There are too many mediocre things in life. Love shouldn’t be one of them.

They are also old school as they propagate that True love is sacrificing every ounce of you for someone else. It’s patient. It is forgiving and understanding.

It does not give up so soon. It can wait for a lifetime. As a generation, we are far too self-absorbed. We are too worried about ourselves to care for anyone else, and that is why we fail at bonding.

To truly love someone means to put his or her needs before your own, and that seems to be too daunting of a task for our generation.

If you are looking for True Love and believe in the same old school definition of love where one love is for a lifetime, you are at the right place-

We think you will find your next partner at, they have the biggest database of singles in your area.

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