Nothing better then a houseboat | List of houseboats for sale

Well we are just around the corner from another hot summer. Summer means fun and sun, enjoying the family and sometime with friends. Let me find you a list of houseboats for sale.

Nothing makes the summer better then a houseboat to spend time on the water playing and having a few cocktails with friends.

houseboats for sale

We live on a lake and the idea of sitting out on the lake is amazing, we look forward to it every year. Houseboats can be used in saltwater
or freshwater. Saltwater has longer wear and tear issues.


We dont have a luxury houseboat, ours is super old and needs some work. I hope we can do that this summer.

When looking for a houseboat almost any boat dealers will carry some inventory of houseboats. They should even have used houseboats for sale
as well.

If you wanted to rent a houseboat before you buy one lake cumberland houseboat rentals, is one of the biggest selections of rentals and is located in Kentucky.

Once you find your brand you like and your houseboat price range , you can then reach out to the houseboat manufactures and get started.

Some of the amenities houseboats can offer:

1. Kitchen

2. Hot tub

3. Slides

4. Bbq grill

5. Covered patio

6. Living space like a home

7. Privacy

8. Fishing Platform

9. Swimming Platform

10. Full bathroom

Houseboats can range from 10,000 used to millions. Will just depend on what you want and your price range will be.

But i would recommend you buy an old houseboat that needs work. Hire a mechanic and a carpenter and remodel your houseboat. This will get you
the most for your money .

I see it all the time people buy old houseboats then get them restored and for under 50,000 they have a really really nice houseboat.

One of the best places to check into old beat up houseboats for sale is houseboats buy terry for sale. Google that and you will see
a huge selection and price range. She has about everything you will need for an older house boat.

Her address is

We are looking at doing this ourselves with a bigger boat, and then adding more luxury to the houseboat. Should be fun.


Houseboat manufacturers: Houseboats for sale

Sunstar houseboats

Thoroughbred Houseboats

Stardust Cruisers

Sumerset Houseboats

Twin Anchors Houseboats

Adventure Craft Houseboats

Axiom Yachts

Bravada Yachts

Desert Shore Houseboats

Destination Yachts

Majestic Yachts

Pluckebaum Custom Boats

Sailabration Houseboats

Searay boats

There is a growing number of boat makers as the market is growing again. There was a fall off for a few years due to the economy and people not
spending as much on luxury items.

The sizes for houseboats for sale can range from 20 feet to 80 feet. Anything over 80 feet is yacht size and the cost escalates pretty fast.

Well good luck on finding your unique houseboat for sale, enjoy yourself and stay super safe at all time. Drink responsible and watch your kids at all times on
a house boat.

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