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Lets start by saying that this company is one of the greatest live chat software’s ever to be coded. They have so many features and options that help track, convert and grow your business. The great thing is the offer a free version to test and start with then you can just get the paid live chat version. So lets start our Olark review below and get you started in the right direction.

Olark Review-The Best Or The Worst Chat System?

Some Features are pretty cool, like themes to change the live chat too. Example Christmas, Halloween, Easter etc. That will make your customers or potential customers think you have a pretty cool system. When people see things like that it puts them into a better mood and will be easier to convert them into a customer. So bullet points are:

* Livechat Template theme Changes Around Holidays.
*Free Trial
*There Famous Low Olark Pricing Scale
*Live Chat Shopping Cart Saver- Spy on your potential customer and what they have added to there cart. This helps with conversions.
*Live Chat Helpdesk Integration-This will allow all conversations in one area by automatically sending chats to any helpdesk for example Groove, Desk, Zendesk, and more.
*LiveChat Reports-Monitor your employees work, conversions and how happy the customer was with the interaction.
*Operator Groups-Break your employees into groups that will help the end user with there experience or concern.

Olark Pricing :
Free Olark livehelp trial is 14 days, after that you will need to choose what operator plan you will want to use. They have a low monthly plan starting at $17.00 dollars per month, thats just for 1 operator. Which means only one person can use the system at once. this is good for just one employee on duty. They will lower the cost of the per operator fee if you prepay yearly. So lets run some math for you to compare. They also offer the new olark mobile version that can be operated on the go at anytime.
3 operators at $17.00 a month is just $64.00 dollars a month . But if you pre-payed yearly its just $648.00 a year. total savings of around $120.00 a year. If you are in a cash flow position you can prepay for 2 years and really rack up the savings .

After sign up they will send you a welcome email that will give you all login details to login and grab your easy to install livechat script. It is so easy to set up, takes about 3-5 minutes total to get the livechat set up. Olark works on 98% on almost any CMS software and easy to start editing your website instantly. Here is the guides they offer currently that has step by step integration of there livechat system. Integration guides so far include:

Big Cartel
Google Sites
Joomla (pre v3)
Magento CartSaver extension
Magento (manual install)
Pinnacle Cart
Prestashop (pre v1.5)
Shopify (manual install)
What services will not work with Olark?
X-Cart Install Guide
Zen Cart

If you have a website that isnt on this list let them know and there tech team will try to build you something that will work on your website. There support team is rated very high from customers feedback. here is a true picture of some of there support staff:
olark review
Also if you are or have ever used olark, please help us by adding to our olark review page. We are always looking to expand and add more to our olark review page by real users that have experienced the product and are using it.

So in closing we really love olark, they are amazing. There staff is well trained, they get high remarks in customer support. There pricing gets 4 stars out of 5. They are very well priced for the premium livechat product in the market. You can get your feet wet for 14 days by testing there product and getting your employees and customers feedback. I think once you use this system you will fall in love with it and wont want to ever go to anything else.

give us your true feedback after you have used them. Thank you for participating in our olark review.

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