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Olark vs Intercom are the World Leaders in customer support service. They both promise a simpler and quicker way to approach, communicate and engage with real time customers.

The old way of communicating with customers involved going through emails, live chat, marketing automation, customer data base and help desk.

Olark vs Intercom

The modern ways involve software and technology that make communication quick and smooth. When we started writing our Olark vs Intercom review, we really needed to test
each platform for a few months.

Both companies provide the latest features, which support faster solving of problems with customers and builds better relationships.

Here is a detailed Olark vs Intercom comparison of the both companies.

1- Price

The price is the main factor, which determines the choice of the software. There is a huge difference in the monthly payment for Olark and Intercom.

Olark is comparatively cheaper at 12 USD monthly than Intercom, which charges 49 USD monthly.

If you are looking for a large-scale business or a start up that has higher chances of becoming a huge business, do not start with Intercom.

It could adversely affect your business with the extra costs as other chat support services provide a very similar kind of product at comparatively cheaper rates.

2- Integrations

The next major determiner for purchasing of software is the integration, which the company offers.

Intercom offers integration with following applications such as User nap, Stripe, and Drift rock Custom Audience.

Olark Live Chat supports the integration’s with applications like Shopify, Google Analytics, Sales Force, and Nutshell.

3- Packages and Deals

Olark offers four product plans with billing options monthly, annually and 2-year subscription. All plans include basic features along with a free trial period.

The Plans include Bronze, Gold, Platinum, and Ultimate. The Ultimate Plan starts at 243 USD monthly which is quite expensive.

Intercom has comparatively flexible packages including both combined and individual packages.

The Plans include Engage+ Learn support, Acquire, Engage, Learn, Support, and Observe.

Both Companies bring deals and coupons for their customers. One should always keep a close track on the discounts and deals to get excellent service at cheaper prices.

4- Features

Another factor that determines the choice of better software is its features. Intercom provides the amazing features like.

a) Live user data

b) Audience segmentation

c) Real time performance monitoring

d) Team assigning

e) E-mail campaign

f) Personalized reply templates.

The features of Olark include:

a) Chat ratings

b) Customize designs

c) Co-browsing,

d) Developer API

e) CRM Help Desk Integrations.

5- Clients and Customer Satisfaction

Both Companies have a loyal customer following and clients. A dedicated team of professionals who are patient and understanding with their customers and offer solutions within few minutes.

Olark has a feature of rating the reviews whereas Intercom allows one to collect live user data for further improvement.

The satisfied customers are at both the companies.

6- Languages Support

Intercom supports only the English language and therefore only deals with customers residing in UK, USA, and Canada alone.

Olark has comparatively larger support of languages .

It has spread its wings in countries like, USA, UK, Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia, China, Germany, India, Japan, Latin America, and Middle East.

7- Available Devices

Intercom supports the devices such as Windows, Android, Mac and Iphone/ IPad. Olark supports the devices like Windows, Android, Mac and I phone/ I Pad, Web-based and Windows Mobile.

8- Company Information

Intercom was founded in 2011 whereas Olark was founded in 2008 much earlier than Intercom. Intercom has employees strength of 51-200 and Olark has comparatively lesser employees around 11-50.

Olark is a favorite of Developers and Software engineers due to its reputation and ease of conducting businesses.

9- Software Description

Intercom makes customer communication smooth, simple, and quick. More than 4000 websites use Intercom to connect with their customers.

Intercom reveal to its customers about who is using the product and makes it easy to personally communicate with the customers.

Olark uses instant messengers for real time relevant customer information. Olark Live Chat is the easiest way to boost sales and help solve issue.

10- Customization

Last but not the least, the major factor to consider before investing your money with a web hosting company is to check how flexible its customization is.

Few Companies have a very rigid customization and does not permit the user to infuse his own ideas and apply creativity into the business.

Olark is more flexible in personal customization as it offers a variety of themes for its users on word press.

Olark and Intercom have their own Pros and Cons. They both promise a simpler and quicker way to approach, communicate, and engage with real time customers.

Olark was established much earlier than Intercom but has maintained its reputation as one of the best service providers on the Internet.

No one company has it all. Your decision for the right software will depend upon the requirements of your business.

Let us know what your best opinion is for our Olark vs Intercom review.

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