ReadyFolio 2 WordPress Theme Review

An in-depth post about ReadyFolio 2 WordPress Theme.

In today’s tech-savvy world where everything is viewed online, it has become a necessity for freelancers and mainstream business models to make sure their websites look attractive and appealing when anyone views it.

What helps your websites look attractive? Is it necessary you shell out money to give an alluring look to your site? Can designing of a website be handled by a naive person in programming?

Above and many other questions come to our mind before we design the layout of our website. For this, many website themes come handy!

You only need to download and customize them to suit your requirements. One such great theme is ReadyFolio.

Let’s read in detail about the theme below:

What is ReadyFolio 2?

ReadyFolio 2 is a child theme established by Themedy, which helps in giving your websites a new look. It transforms WordPress into an attractive portfolio website.

The **ReadyFolio WordPress Theme **is one of the top choices if you want to show off your portfolio pieces.

No matter what’s in your portfolio, this theme is perfect for showing it off. It comes loaded with great options and features. It works with both Thesis and Genesis.

Here is our true ReadyFolio 2 WordPress Theme review.

The ReadyFolio 2 theme has been made to be better than any other portfolio or business theme out there. It gives you a beautiful layout, a responsive design and includes more attention to detail than before. Many top sites are rocking the theme already and you can be next.

ReadyFolio WordPress Theme

What Makes ReadyFolio 2 Stand out from the rest?

ReadyFolio 2 homepage provides a slider which further features the various content on a website to highlight the designs, projects and other needed works for different products.

ReadyFolio also has various templates which can be used by the users to form various portfolios.

The Genesis framework and Thesis versions supplied by Themedy and Readyfolio 2 works perfectly for the Genesis version. Readyfolio 2 helps to create a cool freelancer portfolio.

It works for all kinds of clients, from individual setups with limited work to clients of various big agencies and business setups, and helps in giving their websites a complete makeover.

WordPress and Genesis version of Themedy works as the foundation for these projects.

ReadyFolio 2 Theme Homepage

Readyfolio’s wide homepage style displays all essential key features which help in highlighting your work and gives details about your services and shows your associations with various brands who have worked with you or with whom you have worked.

The homepage also provides information about your team of professionals. Desktop and mobile retina support system are provided to make your website stand out.

Organizing your testimonials and being able to have all kinds of feedback from various clients is made possible with the help of ReadyFolio 2.

It also helps in publishing the testimonials. The blog templates help you keep your viewers well informed about all your latest developments. ReadyFolio 2 presents you with a classic design, along with the various features needed to form your portfolios. It intrinsically supports WordPress 3-styled menu.

Let’s Look at the Readyfolio 2 Theme Features

RF 1

Below are mentioned some of the unique and interesting features of the theme.

*#1 Optional Panel: *

It helps you to make changes in the settings, in the admin area of WordPress.

*#2 Auto Image Resizing: *

For a perfect fit, the images are resized and cropped automatically.

*#3 Blog Section: *

To help you build a blog.

*#4 Contact Form: *

Helps you to get in touch with new customers and readers.

*#5 Widget-Ready: *

Homepage, footer, and sidebar widgets are readily available on the homepage.

#6 SEO Optimization:

The Theme is SEO optimized.

*#7 5 Color schemes: *

ReadyFolio provides schemes of 5 colors namely red, blue, green, purple and teal.

*#8 Thesis Framework *

A custom-framework to create the whole website / blog.

*#9 Content Slider: *

Helps in rotation of various content and image slides.

*#10 Custom Page Templates: *

ReadyFolio provides with certain customized page templates.

*#11 Portfolio: *

It gives you the liberty to upload and display various projects, images and designs.

*#12 Custom Post Types: *

Portfolio and blog posts are separately kept and stored.

*#13 Layered Graphics File: *

Graphical changes can be made with Photoshop PSD files.

*#14 Custom Shortcodes: *

Helps in adding new elements to brighten up your posts and pages.

*#15 Drop Down Menus: *

Hover activated menus are supported by ReadyFolio theme.

Rf 2

12 Custom Widgets of ReadyFolio 2

  1. 120×60 Ad
  2. 120×240 Ad
  3. 125×125 Ads
  4. 300×250 Ad
  5. 300×600 Ad
  6. eNews and Updates
  7. Featured Page
  8. Featured Posts
  9. Flickr
  10. Latest Tweets
  11. User Profile
  12. Video

ReadyFolio 2 Child Theme serves eight digitized areas namely:

  1. Primary Sidebar
  2. Secondary Sidebar
  3. Home Featured Area
  4. Home Section 1 – Column 1
  5. Home Section 1 – Column 2
  6. Home Section 3
  7. Three Footer areas
  8. The Secondary Sidebar – 3 column layout

Page Templates offered by ReadyFolio 2:

  1. Default
  2. Archive
  3. Blog
  4. Homepage
  5. Landing Page
  6. Portfolio

Customized titles and taglines can be given to your posts to make them stand out. ReadyFolio 2’s homepage has various widgets for your ease and is composed by adding widgets to the desired areas.

Widget areas are grouped in the following manner:

  1. Home Featured Area & Featured Slider
  2. Home Section 1 – Column 1 & 2
  3. Portfolio Section
  4. Home Section 3
  5. Three Footer areas

A module is added by ReadyFolio 2 to the WordPress menu for customized post type Portfolio, which comes packed with its set of categories.

By creating a text with your editor, you can upload the desired featured image.

Themedy also recommends installing features and various plug-ins by WooThemes which helps in adding features and desired testimonials to your homepage like your company’s description, its products and services offered.

The 4 Pages assimilated by the Genesis panel are:

  1. Theme Settings
  2. SEO Settings
  3. Import/Export
  4. Readme

Genesis Options of Readyfolio 2

The Readyfolio 2 Settings have dialogue boxes with varied theme options to help you in the configuration of the theme.

They are listed below:

*#1 Information: *

This box shows the version numbers of the Genesis core theme and helps in automatically updating the information. The information is sent via email as a backup as well.

*#2 Custom Feeds: *

You can customize your feeds by using Feedburner and entering the URLs for your posts and comments.

*#3 Default Layout: *

You can make the adjustments through the Settings for default layout to any number of columns. Additional columns can be added to the sidebar area.

*#4 Navigation: *

It provides the choice to implement fancy drop-downs. You can also include RSS Feed Links, today’s date, various links and search forms.

You are allowed to set your preferred navigation option within the Content Archive Box with three choices – Older/Newer, Previous/Next or Numeric.

*#5 Breadcrumbs: *

Checking for breadcrumbs to implement in your websites content areas becomes easier as it is available on the page.

*#6 Comments and Trackbacks: *

This box enables you to keep track of various comments and trackbacks made by different viewers on different pages and posts.

*#7 Content Archives: *

Content Archives box gives you the option for setting up the page listings, liberty to decide what post excerpts and content you wish to display and limit the number of characters used while working on your website.

*#8 Blog Page Template: *

This template helps in configuration of different categories which you would like to display on your blogs along with being able to select specified categories or excluding category IDs and deciding the number of posts you wish to be shown or posted.

*#9 Featured Image: *

It is supported by default. Allowing it on various index pages means checking one box in front of “Include the Featured Image?” option.

You can choose your dimensions and can also insert it as your first image on your post by pushing the Insert into Post button given along with the featured image link.

*#10 Header and Footer Scripts: *

This includes two boxes and helps you enter customized scripts for different page headers and footer scripts like Google Analytics.

Let’s check out other settings now.

Themedy Settings

Themedy settings, along with WordPress module, help to set up your website with all the tools and boxes. You can customize your Settings regarding the following here:

*Featured Slider: *

Featured Slider helps in displaying and disabling various posts, images and embed videos, and it is displayed on the very right of all the content that are added to the Home Featured Area section.

*Home Page Content Slider: *

This helps in displaying various portfolio tools and also helps in hiding the desired section.

*Appearance: *

This section helps in enhancing the appearance of your website and for that ReadyFolio 2 comes along with five color schemes – blue, green, red, pink and teal color.

*General Options: *

It deals with check boxes to allow jQuery Mobile Menu and helps to either hide or show the various titles and tag areas of Readyfolio 2.

*Footer: *

This helps in customization of the footer text.

ReadyFolio 2 Features

When you choose the ReadyFolio 2 theme, you gain access to many great features including:

Responsive Design – Perfect for those looking to market to the mobile users.

Portfolio Functionality – You can organize, add and edit your portfolio work with ease.

Customized Homepage Sliders – Two sliders come with the theme, which can be customized and used on your front page.

Full Page Customization – Easily change the title of your page or add a custom tagline to fit your specific need.

…and more!

The theme also comes with back end options to allow for multiple styles, full support and a landing page template.

You can also use the custom short codes, PSD and enjoy a theme with cross browser capabilities. All of these features make the ReadyFolio 2 WordPress theme very powerful.

ReadyFolio 2 Plan Options

ReadyFolio 2, being a part of Themedy, is also included in the membership plans of Themedy. You have a variety of options to choose from.

The various options for ReadyFolio 2 include:

• Basics Bundle
• Creative Bundle
• Marketing Bundle
• Business Bundle

A combination of these themes gives a lifetime access to their users for downloading various themes and helps in continued theme updates and a guaranteed one-year long support.

Their Basic Bundle starts at $79 and if you take the Thrifty Bundle, you get all the themes that are part of the three Basic Bundles. At a price of $159, you get the choice for three at the cost of just two along with 365-days of support and lifetime maintenance.

You can also choose the option to make a one-time payment of $299 to avail the Lifetime Gold Bundle with access for a lifetime to the present themes as well as all the future themes which will be made available by Themedy with lifetime maintenance and first year support.

The Themedy membership does not auto-renew, and the various purchased themes will not deactivate upon expiry of your membership.

For more details and awareness about ReadyFolio 2 plans and general information, you can check out the Themedy website or the Themedy Pricing Page for various details regarding the pricing.

Last Words on the Theme

Since this is a premium theme, it’s not free. It comes from Themedy, which is one of the most respected WordPress theme designers in the business. The ReadyFolio 2 theme is a part of the package you get from Themedy, which is $100 for a forever membership.

This membership is great for anybody looking to use the ReadyFolio 2 theme and any other premium WordPress themes. You get more than a dozen themes and access to any new themes the team creates. You also gain lifetime support and so much more!

Checkout the ReadyFolio 2 WordPress theme.

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