Basic 5 Security Tips Every Freelancer Should Follow


Freelancing is a good opportunity for most of us nowadays. It lets you create your own schedule to work on your different tasks. Read our security tips below and stay safe.

Freelancers have a good chance to work on their free time and to come up with their better ideas and logic on the tasks they get to design, develop or write about something.

Security Tips

They are working towards a better mode of communication for the future, they play a vital role in finding out the best internet modes of communication.

As a freelancer, you may be trying to design new software for your client or writing a new code for a new task. Whatever it is, you mainly aim to provide a complete security and safety for yourself and your work.

The Internet is certainly not a safe place these days, but still you have better chance to be the victim of some internet hackers. Therefore, this article will help you in dealing with such security issues by knowing about very basic 5 security tips that every freelancer has to follow.

1. Taking Regular Backup of Your data-Security Tips

Everyone knows the general importance of taking backup of all your works including important documents, spreadsheets, invoices, letters etc.

A freelancer will work on different tasks and it becomes highly essential for him to make a backup regularly for all his works. No one can find out when your hard drives cheat you by not functioning well and as a result eats all your necessary documents.

Therefore, taking a regular backup of all your data and files ensure that you are safe from all miseries of document or information loss. You should be consistently or from time to time make a backup of your data to ensure no permanent data loss in case of any failure in your drive.

2. Update Your Software to Latest Versions Regularly

You can stay safe that your work is perfectly secured only when your work area is perfect in all means. And, making your work platform perfect is most dependent on the version you use it.

Your software version needs to be the latest one for a perfect efficiency on your work. You should always check for the latest software updates. Some of the new released versions may come with some errors, but still it makes sense to keep your OS updated to latest version.

The logic is similar to that of Android and iOS operating systems on your smartphone, which are the latest and does not allow any application to be downloaded from other places except the apps marketplace. It offers such a high security to you.

3. Change Your Passwords Very Frequently

This is the very basic tip for security, but at the same time very effective one. However, the funny fact is most of us fail to do it and looking for some other effective options to improve the security to our data and website.

It is really an effective defensive option against people who wish to gain access to your account or site. Many fail in changing passwords frequently and the main reason for that is the new passwords are tough to remember.

That too, if you change your password once in a week or two, it will take time for you to remember your new one and by the time, you will have to change another password. All these make this process tough, but still you should do something to remember your password and keep on changing it without any compromise.

4. Manage Your Projects

A freelancer will work on so many projects and that everyone knows. Your productivity depends on how you are going to manage all your works.

Similarly, your data security also depends on your managing ability of your different freelance projects. You should not work for more than 2 clients at a time which will make you too stressful and obviously, the productivity will go down.

It is not good to work for more than 2 clients at a same time and making your situation too worse and stressful. You should have a better communication with your different clients and that is the main key factor for every freelancer. A good communication can make you develop a secure environment for work.

5. No Money Handling on Private Network

Accessing internet in smartphones is more common now. You can access your social networking site account or Google account from your smartphone when you are out.

However, making online payments through your smartphone creates a higher risk to you. You can do it using your home network that is safe and better. People can easily get access to your online bank account on your smartphones and it will create a worse situation for you. Therefore, it is always better to stay away from handling money on private networks for better security.

Just remember to use common sense at all times when your using your smart phone, and use these Security Tips.

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