SEO Your Social Media – A New Way To Build Your Platform

What do you Google search? Do you see any social profiles being ranked anymore? No but some places you will need to seo social media profiles to get noticed.

Answers to questions? Specific content? People?



Over the last few years the first two dominated. We wanted direct answers to our questions or specific content. I think the future searcher may be looking for the third option. They are searching for someone, for an authority on an issue. After reading this article you should be on your way to making that authority you.

seo social media

The Rel=author is a SEO game changer

Rel=author is a tag that allows a personal Google+ profile to appear alongside your content on search result pages. A friend Emily recently did an excellent job of explaining how to use rel=author on your website.

Overtime your name and authority will be tagged to articles which people will search and find. Overtime you will build up a following. Overtime you will become an influencer.

Setting yourself up as an authority with seo social media profiles:

Often we talk about an individual’s ‘platform’. The amount of people interested in what they have to say. Ultimately search engine optimizing is about increasing a websites platform. Increasing the volume of people visiting the site, the sites visibility and user engagement.

Could the future of SEO be search engine optimizing people? Working trying to help increase your visibility to and engagement with search engine users. We are always looking for more influence. A louder voice. More followers. Often we have focused on out-bound marketing from leaflets to social media posts.

Yet could the key to developing your platform be in-bound marketing? Let’s look at how this could work.

SEO’ing yourself

Below are two examples of what personal SEO could look like on social media.

Changing Jobs-Seo Social Media


Job hunters would focus on channels like Linkedin. The work here would be on optimizing their profile with relevant keywords, job titles and experiences. It is about helping recruiters find their profile and be inclined to shortlist them for roles they are recruiting for.

The challenge is finding the most relevant keywords for the person’s business sector. So much Linkedin potential is wasted. Job title bylines are often wasted with simply putting the bland and non-specific title; Dave Robinson – Financial Controller.

Will that catch recruiter’s attention as they scroll through a list of candidates? Linkedin allows you to customize you title with whatever you like, so be specific and include a few relevant skills; Dave Robinson – Financial Controller:

Cash flow management, profit forecasting and departmental budgeting. Not only does this include more searchable words but increases the chance of CTR (click through rate).

The days of applying for roles are slowly fading with more recruitment being recruiters finding their ideal candidate. So if you’re looking to change roles in the near future maybe it is time to SEO your Linkedin profile?

SEO Sales

We know that seo social media in general works for sales. This article is specifically looking at optimizing yourself for inbound marketing. Let’s look at a specific market, technology. Technology lovers do not just Google search “buy new laptop”. They lap up every piece of technology news there is.

Optimizing your social profiles so when people search twitter for “technology news” you come up is a worthwhile investment. Your profile bios need the right keywords in them, your tweets should have the right hashtags and you need high quality relevant connections.

It is not always about taking your product to market but bringing your market to the product.

Connections – the new link building?

Google was an internet revolution because it created an algorithm incorporating links from one site to another. Every site linking to yours is effectively a vote in your favor. SEO got carried away and ruined it by submitting sites to thousands of directories and, let’s be honest, slightly spammy sites.

After penguin 2.0 update SEO’ers have had to build much higher quality links. Link building has become more about relationship growing. SEO’ing your social media, will involve relationship building on twitter, facebook and Linkedin.

These relationships are like inbound links sending people to your profile. Votes of confidence saying you are an authority in your industry.

Your profile will then need to be reviewed like a PPC (pay per click) campaign. Optimized so those landing on your profiles are taking the desired action. It could be anything from offering you a new position to getting your expert opinion.

So could the next way to build your platform be to strength your inbound marketing? To SEO your social media? Link building is more important today then ever. Only aquire high quality links to stay safe from any google updates. So get going and start seo social media profiles today.

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