Setting Realistic Goals for Your First Year of Blogging

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Blogging Goals
So, you have decided to start a blog and you want to set some goals for your first year. Your first year of blogging is going to be the toughest. This is a great way to get going, but you don’t want to go crazy setting goals.
If you set blogging goals that are too hard to achieve, you may get discouraged and give up. However, if you set reasonable goals just outside of what you really think you can achieve, they may keep pushing you until you reach the finish line. Here’s a look at what you can realistically expect to achieve in your first year of blogging.

Traffic No Longer Dependent on New Posts

At first, you will need to create a new post and share it all over social media to get traffic. However, once you get a solid base of posts created, you will get traffic without creating a new post. You won’t have to depend on sharing the new posts with your subscribers just to see traffic coming in.
This means, you have done the right things to start getting traffic from Google. It means you chose the right blog hosting company as your foundation, created a fast-loading site on WordPress or another blogging platform and you have been adding quality posts for a few months.
Traffic won’t come right from the beginning, but after you build a solid base of posts, you can take a week off and still see traffic coming in from Google and other search engines. This should be a goal for your first year, as it will only take about 50 to 75 posts for most bloggers to see traffic without the need of creating a new blog post.

More than 500 Subscribers

First Year Blogging Goals
It’s important to create a subscriber base that will be informed every single time you create a new post. This is important because it will keep them coming back for more. Whether you create actual email subscribers, you use social media or you use a combination of both, it’s realistic to expect 500 or more within your first year.

A Small Profit

If you’re blogging to make a profit, you should expect it to be very small your first year of blogging. It takes time and money to build a blog up to the point where it can actually make a significant amount of money. However, you can get there, but it probably won’t happen in your first year.
Most of the money generated by your site should be used to build it up even further. This can be done by paying to have guest blog posts put on authority sites, purchasing directory listings and may other things. You may need to buy a few Premium WordPress plugins and other tools, as well.

More than 100 Blog Posts

Achieving Your Goals
Unless you plan to only write occasionally, writing 100 blog posts in your first year is very achievable. This is about 2 posts per week, which isn’t asking much.
Depending on the subject of your blog, the time you can commit to it and the reason you are creating a blog, you may need more or less posts to achieve your first year goals. However, 100 blog posts is a reasonable goal for your first year.
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