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Shared hosting is the basic hosting provided by all hosting providers, and it is quite accurate to state that most webmasters and website owners, who are looking for a hosting solution, will select shared hosting to meet their hosting needs.

The variety of the features and the resources will usually provide more than adequately for most websites. If they should not, the option to upgrade with the same host is always possible.








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Shared website hosting is the most economical type of hosting available, and it is suited to any website that does not require a large amount of disk space, high performance and a large amount of bandwidth. A large number of websites share the same server in shared hosting, and they also share all the resources on that server also.

Because a web host can provide possibly thousands of websites space on a shared server, the price charged is relatively very low. Monthly charges for such hosting can be as cheap as $3 per month.


Features and Considerations of Shared Hosting

Uptime Server Guarantee – The standard in the industry is for the host to provide 99.9% server uptime guarantee to its clients. This is critical to any website, especially if the site is being used to generate revenue. If the server should crash, the website would not be accessible to the website’s customers and possible loss in revenue would result.


Also the business’ customers will not be able to access the site and as a result may lose confidence in the site’s efficiency and may not return, especially if crashes happen often.


24/7 Customer Support – Having good effective and efficient customer support that is reachable 24/7/365 is very important to a website. Support should be reachable by telephone, by chat sessions and possibly by email.


Cheap Hosting Fees – The hosting charges are generally as low as $3 to $10 per month. There is a great deal of competition in the hosting industry, and as a result you are able to get a great deal in the hosting package for just a nominal hosting fee.


There is so much competition in the hosting industry, some hosts will offer a great deal of bandwidth and disk space – sometimes as much as such 40 GB bandwidth and 1000 MB disk space.


Free Domain Name – Many hosting companies will offer a free domain name on sign-up for their service. In some cases a host will offer 2 or sometimes 3 free domains with service depending on the level of service that a client signs up for.


Also, some hosts will pay for the annual renewal fees on the domain as long as the customer remains hosting with the host.


Server Management – In this type of hosting, the maintenance of the server is done by the host’s professional team and you as a client, have no responsibility for the server upkeep. Your only responsibility is to focus your efforts on the maintenance of your website.


Customization and cPanel – The state of the art in control panels is referred to as a cPanel. This is a GUI that allows a webmaster to make very complex website maintenance tasks with just the click of a button.


You are able to create sub-domains, create databases, create email addresses, and set up forwarders for those email addresses, and many other tasks. When looking for hosting, ensure that the host provides a cPanel for your use.


Bandwidth and Disk Space – Although unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk are not possible in a shared hosting situation, the web host provides more than enough of each to adequately satisfy most of its clients.


Should you require more than is initially allotted, you will be able to add more resources to meet the need of your website.


Some Disadvantages – With this type of hosting there are issues of slower responses, reliability and security concerns as a result of many different websites sharing the same resources on the same server.


Again there is a lot of competition in the hosting industry and as a result you will find a number of tremendous hosting deals you can take advantage of.


Before deciding on a host for your shared hosting needs, be certain to look up the reviews and critiques on hosting companies by industry specialists and prior customers. These will show how truthful the hosting claims in the hosting ads really are, and will help you make an informed decision on your hosting needs.



Shared Web Hosting Questions And Answers!

Q. What is Shared Hosting?

A. The best shared hosting is found at fatcow. This allows you to host a website for your business or personal use. With all our shared webhosting plans, you get a free sitebuilder and rvskins for every language spoken around the world. Just like all shared hosting providers, fatcow offers 99.5% uptime, 24/7 support by chat, phone and ticket system.

Q. Do I Need To Have Expert Design Skills To launch A Site?

A. No, They have a site builder that is as easy as clicking 1-2-3 and watching your new site come alive. There are massive free sitebuilder templates that you can choose from. With there monthly hosting plans, you have nothing to lose for starting your own business. They give you a ton of web tools for you to build your website and business. They give you hundreds of scripts, free domain-with annual payment.

Q. Is There A Money Back Guarantee?

A. They stand by there product. You are 100% happy with there company or your money back within 30 days of your hosting services. They strive to make sure you get your website up and running with no hassles or issues.

Q. How Long Does It Take To Set Up My Account?

A. Your account is instantly set up on payment. They  want to make sure that you can start on your hosting service right away. No one wants to wait to get your small business or personal website set up.

Q. Can I Upgrade My Hosting Web Services With You?

A. Yes, you can always log into your members area and upgrade . It is so easy to upgrade or downgrade your domain hosting services at anytime you want.

Q. Do You Put Any Banners Or Ads On My Site?

A. No, they never would we do anything like that. You payed for a perfect experience and they will make sure your website is perfect. For any unanswered questions please open a ticket or call them! We are here to make your webhost service the best we can.