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The shipping container industry has exploded in the last 5 years. people are finding all sorts of ways to utilize them to build structures and also still use them for there original purpose.
Today we will talk about the awesome advantages of shipping containers and how you can utilize one today for all fun things.

Lets start with the first real method of there construction, shipping. These monsters are used for shipping around the world. They carry massive amounts of products, chemicals across vast oceans
so we can get our product at your local Walmart, Shopko, Safeway.

The original purpose was just for shipping, but people started thinking outside the box. What if we could construct living space from these? What if we used them to build our restaurant? The shipping containers are very useful for a lot of purposes.

I have a neighbor that uses one for storage for his lawnmower and yard equipment. He has a smaller one of course. Here is a list of what you can use them for.

shipping container homes

1. Shipping container swimming pools

2. Shipping container homes

3. Shipping container commercial buildings

4. Shipping container barnhouse

5. Shipping container deck

6. Shipping container garden

7. Shipping container beach house

8. Shipping container playgrounds

9. Shipping container cabins

Always look for cheap shipping container dealers. They will usually provide wholesale shipping containers shipped right to your house or location. They containers come in these sizes:

1. 8×20

2. 8×40 standard

3. 8×40 high cube

4. 8×45 high cube

5. 8×10

Prices will vary for each and if the shipping containers are used or new. Make sure you also asked for shipping history of the container and if any chemicals were used during shipping.

Now i will really get into the biggest growing sector of what these containers are used for. The 1# thing is shipping container homes,this is the biggest searches topic on google for use of the containers. I have seen some pretty amazing container homes and how beautiful they can be.

I have seen people buy 3-4 cheap shipping containers and build a home from the. They will stack then like a u shape and create a yard in the middle of the home.

Storage container houses are just so super cool, you will be the envy of your family and friends when you show them a completed project. Container homes cost any where from 5,000 dollars to 200,000 dollars. You can make them super fancy or just basic with minimum details.

You will be limited to your container house design due to the square box of each container. But some people open them up and do some framing around them to let the light in and take away the box look.

If you live in a bigger populated area i would call some realtors and ask them if they have any shipping container homes for sale and if you could schedule a time to take a look at them. That way if you don’t want to buy one that/s for sale you can at least get some ideas what container home layout would look like and who are the local container home builders in your area.

If you are going to build a container home you will need to find a builder that see’s the same vision as you and knows what they need to do to get the project done. I would start with a google search to get your new shipping container home going. Here are some searches i would use in google to get started:

1. Cheap shipping container homes

2. Container house builders

3. Shipping container house floor plans

4. How to buy a shipping container

5. House from containers

6. Best container homes

7. Cargo container homes

There are numerous container home plans to choose from. There are at least 20-30 people that sell them in the first 1-3 pages of google. Just google search and you will be amazed at how awesome the homes that contain shipping containers can look. I will post a few pictures in this post so you can see what i think is pretty cool.

Also above we have added a shipping container form so we can get you in contact with the closest container dealership. I have heard from our local Seattle Washington shipping container dealer that they start new around the 3500-5000 dollar mark.

Cities that have the most container dealerships:
1. Seattle Washington

2. Boise Idaho

3. San Diego California

4. Houston Texas

5. Spokane Washington

6. Portland Oregon

7. Portland Maine

8. Los Angeles California

9. Miami Florida

10. Salt Lake City Utah

These are just a handful of major cities that have a lot of them for sale daily. Good luck in your new home made of recycled shipping containers . Please send pictures of your new home, and i will add them to my blog post.

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