SiteGround Review: Enhance your Business with High Quality Hosting Services

A detailed SiteGround review to understand its relevance for your business.

If you have blogs, websites and businesses online, then a hosting infrastructure is very important for you. A hosting infrastructure is necessary to ensure that your websites are always active, the traffic on them provides the user a smooth experience and your business is always effective and efficient.

SiteGround Review

You should always keep in mind the nature, size and scale of your business when you choose a hosting provider and their services.

For instance, I use SiteGround hosting for some of my private blogs as it is comparatively affordable and provides a large range of services.

SiteGround Review: An Introduction

SiteGround was established in 2004 and since then, it has been providing selective hosting services to a large number of happy customers.

Currently, it processes over 1800 tickets, 1000 phone calls and 2500 chat requests every day. Some of the trademark characteristics of the services provided by this hosting company are a large number of powerful features, comprehensive management and excellent customer support.


In this SiteGround review, we will look at what each plan offered by them provides the customers and how effective their hosting services really are.

Let us look at their services in detail.

SiteGround Shared Hosting Plans and Features

Their fees for the plans start from USD 3.95 per month, and for this small amount, SiteGround provides extensive features in shared hosting. The company has a 3-click setup infrastructure and all you have to do is drag and drop in order to build a website. It can help you setup a personalized online space.

It is also possible to simply migrate one site from any other hosting framework to SiteGround and it is absolutely free of charge. Their technical team will do this task for you. They provide 24 x 7 support in case there are any problems with it.

All shared hosting plans are integrated with Joomla and WordPress where WordPress is optional. They have a slick and smooth interface with a user area that is all inclusive and is equipped with easy tools and lovely designs. It provides a one stop management for your complete website.


SiteGround Review: Key Features

They are:

  • # Daily Backups for added protection, HTTP/2 Enabled servers for enhanced speed.
  • # Unlimited traffic handling potential and emails along with Cloud Flare Content Delivery Network to make your life easier.
  • # With the Go Geek plan you get PCI compliance for your eCommerce website to meet all safety regulations.
  • # With the Grow Big plan you get privileges like priority support, host multiple sites, higher speeds, using super cache technology and more.

SiteGround Review: Cloud Hosting Plans and Features

If you want to keep the costs of indirect hosting low and wish to proactively enhance your business forward you should opt for Cloud Hosting. If you use servers at different locations then the load of traffic of your website is divided. As a result, the performance is enhanced and it increases the capability of your business infrastructure.

With SiteGround cloud hosting, you get packages across all budgets. You have the opportunity to create your own custom plan too.

You also get a lot of power packed features like:

  • # Higher efficiency and site speed, which is due to the lightweight Linux containers which are used with SSD Disks for unmatched performance.
  • # SiteGround does the complete management of your servers as they manage your infrastructure and server software.
  • # It is possible to add resources to your infrastructure in a matter of a few clicks as and when you require. You can also set them to auto scale in case of sudden spikes in traffic.
  • # Seven off-site backups of your account are made each day of the week and the data loss is almost negligible.
  • # You get fee Cloud Flare CDN and the support of servers spread across multiple locations.

It is possible to seamlessly integrate the packages with WordPress and provide features like 1-click installation, WordPress staging, SSH & WP-CLI, auto updates, Super Cache and GIT integration that helps in eCommerce.

The same is true for Magento integrations also, which come with unique caching enabling enhanced speed, 1-click installation, pre-installed GIT for eCommerce and enabled SSH for enhanced control. The packages integrate with Drupal and Joomla as well.


The other features include complete WHM and a centralized cPanel from where you can manage all your websites. There is also Softaculous Auto Installer, MYSQL 5 & PostgreSQL for DBMS and email frameworks to make your operations much more efficient.

SiteGround Review: Dedicated Hosting Plans and Features

If you have a business that has huge traffic coming to your websites and a large number of transactions occurring every day, then dedicated hosting infrastructure is ideal for you. In this, one server is used with chosen specifications to your requirements. Hence, due to the allotment, the performance is enhanced heavily.

SiteGround offers dedicated servers starting from USD 229 per month and provides its customers an entire host of features like:

  • # Multiple server locations to choose from for the best performance.
  • # There is an exclusive selection of hardware in the form of high performance Intel XEON processors and stable machines located at the best data centers.
  • # SiteGround takes care of the complete management of the infrastructure. They will set up the server, keep the software up to date and monitor your machine 24×7 to immediately negate any issues that arise at any given time.
  • # There is 24×7 VIP support available with all cloud packages.

It integrates seamlessly with WordPress and provides auto updates, SSH and WP-CLI access for greater control, WordPress staging and GIT integrations for eCommerce. It integrates very well with Joomla and provides automatic updates, Joomla staging, jHackGuard installation for extra security and GIT integrations. It is also possible to install Magento with a single click.

Apart from this, you also get all the other features mentioned above like WHM and cPanel, email software and more.

SiteGround Review: Reseller Hosting Plans and Features

It is important to mention here that I have never come across a unique reseller hosting plan like the one offered by SiteGround. If you are digital marketer and have to manage many websites for your clients, then you definitely must try the reseller packages offered by SiteGround.

With these reseller hosting packages, there are a large number of features offered like 10 GB web space, unlimited data transfer and free daily backups. SSH access and cPanel for managing everything from one place is also available along with unlimited MYSQL database for all your DBMS needs.

The other additions to these packages include free email accounts, 4 server locations, unlimited FTP accounts and Free Cloud Flare CDN for content management.

With SiteGround reseller hosting you also get:

  • # 24×7 reseller support
  • # Advanced security support
  • # Non-branded cPanel and Private DNS upgrades for better server name branding
  • # Guaranteed uptime of 99.99%

Another interesting feature is the reseller credit program.

This is a unique program which only SiteGround offers. If you are a SiteGround reseller, you are allowed to buy credits which provides you with many privileges. The credits don’t ever expire and you can use them anytime to avail discounts or launch or renew your account.

For one credit, you get one year of hosting and this program is ideal for the resellers who require instant upgrades and renewals frequently.

SiteGround Review: WordPress Hosting Plans and Features

If you are a person who works with WordPress exclusively, then what can be better than a completely customized hosting plan for WordPress.

It allows you to launch your website with one click and you also have the Super Cache with 3 levels of caching for ultra-high speeds. The updates are automatically installed to keep the WordPress version updated to the latest ones. It is also very easy and convenient to test and deploy the changes using WordPress staging.


If you prefer more of personal customization then there is WP-CLI enabling, which allows you to tweak the command protocols in a way that suit your requirements. GIT framework is pre-installed for ecommerce support.

You are also guaranteed enhanced speed due to the SSD hardware, Intel XEON processors and Nginx technology. There is PHP1 and HTTP/2 for high performance. Data Backups are available on a daily basis which provide added security of data.

SiteGround Review: Joomla Hosting Features and Plans

Joomla is a very popular CMS for website creation and management all over the world. With SiteGround, you get tailor-made Joomla Hosting Services which can fit all ranges and budgets.

Trademark features include:

  • # 1 click Joomla installation
  • # Free domain name for life
  • # Free template and installation
  • # You can also transfer an existing account for free
  • # Ensured zero downtime
  • # Server level protection due to 24×7 monitoring
  • # Up to 30 daily backup copies
  • # Complete isolation for added security
  • # Dynamic caching to increase speed is available on Grow Big and GoGeek plans
  • # Data centers across 3 continents and a free CDN make your website efficient, fast and powerful
  • # Complete speed optimization of entire Joomla infrastructure

SiteGround Review: Uptime Technology

It is mandatory for a web hosting service provider to maintain site uptime at all costs. Almost all hosting services promise 100% uptime, but most of them do not back up their promise with action.

On the other hand, SiteGround guarantees 99.99% uptime and their guarantee is backed on the quality of their software and hardware technological superiority.

Linux based containers provide excellent stability during the times of spikes in traffic. The company also practices proactive monitoring on servers which in turn allows for minimal errors and quick response to action. At the same time, data security is completely assured with the help of in-built backup systems which consistently make daily and monthly backups.

CHROOT technology is used to ensure that the accounts are completely isolated, which in turn enhances security and protects your website from the malicious activities of miscreants.

SiteGround Affiliate Program

SiteGround is an excellent option for the people who are affiliate marketers in the hosting niche. You can get commissions as high as $12 for every sale.


All in all, I have to admit that the offerings provided by SiteGround as a web hosting services provider are really quite affordable and reliable. They have with them powerful features and add-ons and provide a large number of benefits for all kinds of online businesses.

I am presently using SiteGround web hosting services for some of my private blogs and am planning to soon get a dedicated server which will help me in bringing all my websites under one management roof. If you have requirements similar to mine, then I advise you to definitely try out the SiteGround web hosting services.

They have a 30-day money back guarantee on all their packages which shows the level of confidence that they have in the quality of their services. This also ensures that your investment is completely free of risks.

Also, if you still seem to be apprehensive about choosing SiteGround then I suggest that you read some of the reviews and testimonials written by some of their existing customers. Almost all of these reviews are extremely positive and praise the services provided by this web hosting company to no end.

SiteGround welcomes customer feedback through various channels which enables them to keep their finger on the pulse of the customers and keep innovating their services to meet the requirements of their customers.