Why Is SSD Web Hosting Essential To Your Business?

What is SSD Web Hosting? How is it different than traditional web hosting services, and why is that difference directly linked to the future of your business?

A Little History

ssd web hosting

To best answer these questions we need to travel back in time, but before we do, let’s get a quick explanation of terms. “SSD” is short for Solid State Drive, and it’s how data (in this case, your website and its’ multiple pages) is stored and accessed.

This storage system uses a newer, different technology than the first-generation hardware known as HDD, or hard disk drive. Okay, here we go!

Can you recall what it was like listening to music on CD’s? If you wanted a specific song, the device’s “eye” had to physically move to the exact spot on the disc (remember the whirring sound?) and then the song would play.

That is, assuming the eye wasn’t dusty, the disc wasn’t scratched, and you didn’t bump the player. This is very similar to how a traditional hard disc storage drive (HDD) works.

Now, compare that experience with how most of us listen to music today. Our portable devices are hard-wired, which means there are no internal moving parts.

Every song request is instantaneous, and unless you take a hammer to it, your device shrugs off the same trials of life that would render any CD player inoperable. This is how SSD works.

What Does This Mean for You and Your Website?

A web hosting service that uses traditional HDD for your website’s “home” must literally go find your information every time a potential viewer clicks anywhere on or in your site.

Just like the CD player, a mechanical piece has to track to you for your page to load, and it is easily affected by dust, vibration, and shock. Because of this, HDD is prone to overheating and slows down during high-demand use.

How many hits worldwide did your website get last year, and how many were simultaneous? What would you project the number to reach this year, and what do you want the viewer experience to be?

Just as hard-wired devices made the CD obsolete, SSD is a website “player” for today’s demanding online environment. With no moving parts, there are no connections that need to be made for each site click, because every piece of data is already connected and instantly accessible.

This means that if you partner with a SSD Web Hosting Company, your website will:

Load and Run 3 Times Faster than with a traditional service.

Easily Absorb the normal cycling between Peak and Down times.

Stay Fast even as you add content and grow your business.

Simply put, the physical difference between storage systems gives an SSD web hosting service the platform to allow your website to run faster, run harder, and run longer than an HDD-based version can.

Speed Demand is Only Accelerating

Not long ago, a desktop computer was how most of us “surfed the web”. Today, it’s mobile devices, and with that has come a whole different world of challenges and expectations for a web page.

The surfboard has been traded in for a jetpack, and there are time hurdles that your website must clear if you are going to get the high volume of views necessary to be successful.

It seems like only yesterday it was acceptable for a web page to load in 3 seconds. As an example of how fast that is, it probably took about the same time for you to read this sentence.

But today’s expectation? It’s 2 seconds for any page, on any device, no matter where the person attempting to view your site is located.

When you consider there are often invisible connectivity issues with wireless devices, but only your website will be blamed for it, the time limit shrinks again.

All this, while knowing that images and graphics slow load speed but are proven to be the most effective way to catch and keep attention?

Your page has to load instantly if you are to have a buffer for when the viewer isn’t in a perfect location, and an SSD-based web host has the capability to provide that today as well as tomorrow.

Sounds Expensive?

SSD does cost more initially than HDD-based services. The newer hardware comes with a higher price tag, so a web hosting company that is built on SSD will charge more for their services.

But it’s also worth considering the old adage, “You get what you pay for.” In exchange for more invested upfront, you have better access to greater capability and unlimited potential for growth.

Your website is the lifeblood of your business, and how quickly and smoothly your online door opens to the world is the best opportunity you have to get and keep customers. This is a blunt question, but is your company’s success better served by spending the least, or by spending appropriately?

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

There is the option to start with a traditional hosting service, and when the needs of your website grow enough to outpace its’ limitations, move at that time to an SSD web host.

While that may save money in the beginning, it’s important to consider where you will be with your company and your website when that day arrives.

As with all living, growing things (and your business and website certainly are), uprooting and relocating is always a complicated, expensive process.

Does it make sense to wait until later? Getting settled with an SSD web hosting service now allows you to stay in one place as your site grows and becomes more complex, even when load time expectations shorten again.

There Are Cheap SSD Web Hosting Options

After examining customer reviews and feedback, and combining them with our own research, we have found a source for reliable yet cheap SSD Web Hosting. If now is your time, and you are ready to take your business to the next level, click here!

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