StartLogic Review

StartLogic Review – Top 10 Host 2017

StartLogic Review

Our StartLogic review revealed that the host provides hosting services for businesses around the world and is one of the chief hosting companies that extend its reaches to provide such services.

What Follows are some Starter Plan Features

  • arrowUnlimited Email addresses
  • arrowDomain Hosting for up to 10 Domains
  • arrow3000 GB Bandwidth Monthly

The range of hosting clients that use StartLogic services include businesses, individuals with personal websites, and education and government customers. They are provided with a full range of services for their individual needs.


A range of e-commerce services are available to allow these businesses to adequately market their products and services through the Internet.


Security features are in place to protect the personal and financial information of customers who access the eCommerce websites, and software is in place to provide for greater productivity.


Help with search engine optimization is available to allow for a better ranking in the search engines and for your site to develop a greater visibility for your prospective clients.


30 Day Refund Policy (StartLogic)

At this time in the web hosting industry, a standard 30-day refund policy is in place with many hosting companies. StartLogic also has such an offer built into its hosting plans, and it is always a welcome offer to see for those who may not be certain that they would want to remain with the host indefinitely.


Customers can then take advantage of the risk free offer of a hosting account, and it provides them with a peaceful mind to know that they could just test out the service before committing themselves.


In our research, we have come across a few downsides to the StartLogic’s service. While we do not enjoy hearing anything negative about any of our top ten web hosts, we feel in full disclosure, that we must share what we have discovered. It would not be the reputable thing for us to not mention what we have found.

We like to provide the honest truth so as to provide our customers with the details for them to make informed decisions on their hosting choices. We heard that StartLogic’s technical support team, while being reliable and very responsive do have a tendency to be overly technical when speaking to their customers.


This is a little unnerving since the majority of people using a hosting account is not technically inclined and will need to be given instructions in layman’s language.


Communication with customers in this area is quite critical, and our hope is that StartLogic will take the necessary actions to resolve this issue as soon as possible. Also important to note is that StartLogic was given major hosting awards in 2004 and in 2005, but not much had been heard of them in terms of outstanding accomplishments since that time. If you have used them let us know your opinion on your StartLogic Review and if you recommend them.

It could be that with the competition in the marketplace getting even more intense, the company no longer considered a top contender.


Regardless of that, we still believe they are a host that provides good quality hosting.

Business Hosting Excellence (StartLogic Hosting Review)

StartLogic holds the belief that understanding what the customer needs, what they hope to achieve and the factors that are important to them, will lead to a better business relationship with them. They feel that the provision of quality service that consists of giving effective, valuable and dependable service will result in a satisfied clientele.


The company provides continuous improvements, utilizes up to date technologies and products and seek to keep abreast of the evolving needs of its customers.


Their aim is to focus on giving top class solutions for ecommerce customers and top of the line hosting services.

Data Centers Owned (StartLogic Review)

The company has two data centers that are located in Boston. These centers cover an area of 2400 square feet, possess half petabyte storage and consist of 800 servers.


Security is provided for these data centers on a 24 hour basis, they form a secured network structure that allows every server on the network, virtually, to be able to access web page files on request.


What will happen then, is that the first available machine will process a customer’s web page request. This leads to quicker page loading, fewer disruptions in service compared to what happens in the more traditional hosting infrastructures.