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What are Web Hosting Companies Willing to do to Gain Your Business?

Website Hosting

Web hosting has come a long way. Use to be, businesses would have to budget before being able to afford hosting. This was in the beginning stages of web hosting, and now the industry is flooded with hosting options. Since the services are widely offered, hosting has become affordable for everyone. This alone has increased […]

Restaurant Web Hosting

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  Without the right restaurant hosting, you will struggle to take your business online. Every restaurant, no matter the size, needs to be online. Not only do they need to be online, but they also need to be listed locally in the search engines. I have seen restaurants business increase at least 10% with making […]

What is Web Hosting for Students?

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Web hosting for students is more geared towards the educational industry. It’s great for class projects, hobbies, blogging, educational purposes and more. The best part is that there may be discounts available for students who can prove they are attending classes. The Difference with Student Hosting     When it comes to the differences between […]

What is Skrill Web Hosting and Do you Need it?

Skrill is an online company that moves move digitally for sellers and buyers. It’s used by over 36 million people as a payment processor and provides a low cost solution for ecommerce websites. Not many will take skrill web hosting anymore , so look around more after our options.   With the Skrill payment option, […]

What is Christian Web Hosting and is it Worth it?

Best Unlimited Hosting Packages

Choosing the right hosting company matters and if you’re a Christian, choosing a Christian web hosting company could make a difference. Using companies that align with your specific beliefs is important, especially if you run a Christian website.     Christian hosting has a number of benefits for those looking for this type of hosting. […]

Web Hosting 101: A Quick-Start Guide for Beginners

  When you decide you want to start a website or blog, you need to know about the basics. If there was a web hosting 101 class you could take, it might be helpful. However, this guide is a faster alternative and solution.   Starting your own website isn’t difficult, but it does start with […]

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