Themedy Review: The Ultimate Theme Aggregator

If you’re looking for a better source for some stellar WordPress Themes, Read our in-depth Themedy Review.

They claim to be, “The Cure for the Common Theme,” and this is pretty much the truth as far as I could check.

You can join for just $219 for a forever membership. This is however, available for only a limited time period. Usually, the price is double.

Appealing to the eyes, an attractive website is something any company or an entrepreneur would like to have. A simple way of achieving this is by choosing “Themedy” as your WordPress theme.

What is Themedy?


Themedy provides for a wide range of realistic and user-friendly themes which would benefit any website.

Their wide range of killer themes not just adds life to a boring website but also makes it quite lively and easily accessible.

You can accentuate your portfolio by using WordPress as the driving force, thesis or genesis as body framework and leave it to Themedy for the paint job.

Your website would be a visual delight for others if you incorporate these simple tools.

With Themedy, you gain access to the top frameworks and themes for WordPress in the market. You get plenty of great themes to choose from and access to an extensive database of choices.

Since these themes work on the Genesis or Thesis framework, they are known as some of the best in the WordPress Community.

Themedy Review

Themedy has over four years of experience serving WordPress users and has accumulated a number of very positive reviews over that time.

Read my detailed Themedy Review and find out the latest features and offerings.


Themedy offers a broad range of options to the users to make their websites unique. They provide a toolbox with short-codes plug-in and premium designs, which work out for various WordPress frameworks.

The Themedy short codes are made available in the visual tab of the WordPress editor. An attractive website is all based on the way it has been presented and showcased. Themedy makes that possible with its wide, fun and easily affordable themes which change the complete outlook of a website.

Themedy offers WordPress themes, which either support Thesis from DIY Themes or go on to Genesis from StudioPress.

Themedy is also the house for amazing child themes for thesis and genesis. However geeky all this may sound to you, the installation and usage of Themedy are very simple and convenient.

Themedy Review: Its Creators


Themedy has been the result of joint hard work of a panel of owners.

Brain Clark, Brian Gardner, Chris Pearson, and Mark Hodder are the various owners whose knowledge and wide experience in IT Consulting, WordPress Solution, and framework, Thesis, Genesis have led to the creation of “Themedy”.


You can easily connect to them via their Facebook accounts or their website.

Themedy Review: Get Lifetime Membership


When you get your lifetime membership, you will gain access to Themedy skins for Thesis 2 and Themedy Themes for Genesis. Skins are child themes that work just like a regular theme but provide more customization.

The themes you will gain access to from Themedy work for a number of different sites from a small business website to a personal website to a review site.

They are incredibly designed to fit your needs, and all themes are very user-friendly. You even gain access to built-in support.

Themedy Review: How does it Work?


Their various child themes are well suited for different thesis and genesis of WordPress frameworks.

Themes provided by Themedy consolidate conveniently into the different WordPress frameworks helping in maintaining a high quality of website design without losing its originality.

Themedy provides an encyclopedic manual with all details and instructions about major FAQs and a very professional support system where the developers and the makers answer all queries.

Themedy themes of various kinds provide a full package of core features which gives the users the freedom to build their websites according to their likes.

Themedy Review: Integration and Plugins

  • arrowButtons
  • arrowColumns
  • arrowSocial Media Links
  • arrowToggles
  • arrowTabs
  • arrowAlert Messages
  • arrowYouTube Videos
  • arrowWebsite Linking

Custom Widgets

  • arrowFeatured Page / Posts
  • arrowFlickr
  • arrowUser Profile
  • arrowVideos

Supported Page Templates

  • arrowDefault
  • arrowArchive
  • arrowBlog
  • arrowHomepage
  • arrowPortfolio

Homepage Customization Features

  • arrowCustom Tagline
  • arrowFeatured Grid Area
  • arrowHomepage Text and Features
  • arrowSubscribe Area
  • arrowSocial List

To compose your website themes, all users are given the option to choose their Custom title and tagline. Settings offered by Genesis SEO gives you the liberty to tweak the various default options relevant to the Document title, the homepage or Head, Robots Meta or Archive settings.

Your Google+ profile can also be entered on your SEO page. The availability of import/export sheets helps generate the files in JSON format, which can be used to transfer stuff, or for its backup.

The theme or SEO settings can be imported or exported at any time. Themedy also makes available the Responsive design which is a significant trend in leading mobiles like IPhone, IPad and various smartphones and tabs. It also provides for Photoshop options.

Genesis Theme Options by Themedy


Various dialogue boxes offered in Genesis theme settings are:

Theme Options

  • arrowInformation
  • arrowCustom Feeds
  • arrowDefault Layout
  • arrowNavigation
  • arrowBreadcrumbs
  • arrowComments and Trackbacks
  • arrowArchives

The information box works by showing the version number, and the users are notified timely by emails to get informed about various updates

To keep track of various feedback and trackbacks, check boxes are made available to easily have a visual of the different feedbacks on blogs, web pages, and relevant posts.

Content archives give you the liberty for setting your preferences for established blog post. You can also manage your featured image by proper selection of the dimensions and alignments for your images.

Critical Themes promoted by Themedy


  • # Line it up: Gives an engaging look at your services and products
  • # Smooth Post: A hit with marketing sector
  • # Clipart: A modernized theme with shopping cart functionality
  • # Patron: Provides for an engrossing shopping experience by using the Woo Commerce Plugin
  • # Quik: A reactive magazine theme
  • # Blink: A big hit with designers, bloggers, photographers and creative writers
  • # Derby: Meant for Thesis and Genesis frameworks
  • # Richmond: Works for both personal and professional users.
  • # GPL Licensed: This is very user-friendly as it gives the freedom to add on a new theme for any kind of projects.
  • # Blog Page Template: User can modify and make changes by excluding certain information.

Reading Settings


You can customize your reading settings by changing the display of the front page or by finalizing the number of posts you wish to be displayed on your blog.

Having control as to the amount of text you wish to be display means you can either show the full text or just the summary can be displayed on your website.

Child Theme Settings Page


This page includes the following:

  • # Information: Version number and the release date of your theme are displayed here.
  • # Slider: It mainly consists of various theme-related features like effect drop down and different fields to change the broad range of variables.
  • # Footer: It either alters or disables the customized data.
  • # Save and rest: It helps in saving and resetting the operations that are performed.
  • # Screen Options: Helps you in the selection of various boxes and columns and their numbers on your web page.

Theme Widgets


“Themedy” provides for various widget sidebars for Genesis or Thesis.

These widgets are there on the homepage or some relevant specified pages. The users can also import demo content to the websites and get an overview.

PS: A Note Before you buy


Themedy must and should always be purchased from the official website. Themedy helps its users to select, various content that is displayed on their homepage like on their blogs, portfolios or other posts.

It helps to disable the various featured grid area all at one place.

All social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Skype are supported here. You just have to enter your URL to your existing social media profiles.

Themedy helps its users to customize their content in the footer.

Themedy provides with systematic instructions, which are easily understood by users. It is a very quick program, which starts working as soon as you order it.

It is very user-friendly and affordable website which offers various high-quality themes at reasonable rates.

The Cost Of Themedy Themes


You gain access to a number of great themes for WordPress at a surprising low cost.

You will need to purchase Genesis and Thesis as well, which will allow you to use all of these themes. If you already own Genesis or Thesis, you won’t need to worry about getting another copy.

There are three plans available for Themedy Themes namely:

Creative Bundle

  • arrowGrind
  • arrowBlink
  • arrowProof
  • arrowStage 2
  • arrowReadyFolio 2
  • arrowDerby
  • arrowFremedy

Marketing Bundle

  • arrowLatch
  • arrowLine it Up 2
  • arrowRichmond
  • arrowSmooth Post 2
  • arrowSplash
  • arrowTote
  • arrowFremedy

Business Bundle

  • arrowBrisket
  • arrowPatron
  • arrowClip Cart
  • arrowQuik
  • arrowJunction
  • arrowReactiv
  • arrowFoxy News

All the above plans can be purchased at the cost of $79 USD.

Features included in all the plans are:


  • # You get access to download all your themes for life.
  • # You gain access to both the Thesis and Genesis version available.
  • # You get one-year assistance and support and get an option to renew the support with around 50% discount.
  • # You gain access to the minor theme maintenance, updates and compatibility releases for a lifetime.
  • # You also gain access for a lifetime for significant upgrades, for instance, if the version 2.X is being released for the available version 1.X, you would be able to access it instantly.


Thus, once you have the framework, and you purchase Themedy, you will gain access to unlimited site usage, all existing and future themes, lifetime support and much more!

This is an excellent way to ensure you always have the best WordPress themes for your needs without ever needing to purchase anything else again.

Themedy Review: Benefits


  • # Readers are offered with step-by-step instructions in detail. Thus, one can understand all critical processes without any doubt in mind.
  • # Right after you order, you begin to use it, as it doesn’t take any time for shipment.
  • # It is an interactive program that is easily understandable by newbies also.
  • # The themes offered are highly affordable as you get access to user-friendly and top quality themes from the core resources.
  • # Themedy provides round the clock assistance via email or forums if you have any doubt related to the themes or download.


Support Offered by Themedy


Themedy is safe to download and offers a 24/7 support system through highly qualified technicians and knowledge associates.

You can easily get in touch with us by sending us all your queries through mail or drop a message on our forum, and our team will answer your questions as soon as possible. Give your websites a new and fresh look by ordering “Themedy” themes right away, as nothing is more appealing and rewarding as a good site.

Themedy Review: Overall Perception


There isn’t a better way to gain access to a ton of WordPress themes. The framework these themes use is the best you will find.

It may seem a bit expensive, at first, but trust me: you’d only be able to get maybe five good WordPress themes for the same price.

With the Genesis/Thesis framework and Themedy, you gain access to a ton of themes you can use forever. They are always adding new themes and Themedy will keep everything updated to the best standards for SEO and WordPress possible.

We hope our Themedy review is useful for you.

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