Top WordPress Plugins to Give Business a Boost

Top WordPress Plugins

If you’re business runs a website on WordPress and you need a boost, you need the right top WordPress plugins. With the right plugins, you can put your business on the map in a much easier way.

Top WordPress Plugins for Your Business

Here they are:

#1 Yoast SEO

The absolute best way to boost your business online is with great SEO. The WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin gives you just what you need. This is a great plugin for getting the best out of your SEO, whether it’s on a page, post or just your overall website.

I accord this plugin equal importance as the WordPress installation itself. Even if your WordPress theme offers inbuilt SEO suite like Genesis framework, install this plugin. From XML sitemaps to setting up site and page Meta details, it is a complete package.

#2 Simple Share Buttons Adder


Social media is huge these days and the right post could be shared a million times bringing you a ton of traffic. With the Simple Share Buttons Adder plugin you can easily allow others to share your content. It works with Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and many other social sites.

Top WordPress Plugins

#3 Google Analytics by Yoast

Tracking your traffic and understand where it comes from is very helpful. This can be the difference between wasting money and making money. With the Google Analytics by Yoast plugin, you will know exactly where your traffic is coming from and how they are finding you. This is very helpful for your overall marketing strategy.

#4 WooCommerce

For those running an eCommerce website, WooCommerce is a must. this plugin will take your regular WordPress site and turn it into an online marketplace. If you want to sell things online, this plugin will help you do exactly what you need. It will track sales, help with performance and even allow for product reviews.

#5 Easy Digital Downloads

Maybe you sell digital products, such as music or eBooks. If this is the case, the Easy Digital Downloads plugin works perfect for your site. It makes it very easy to create downloadable products on your site and get them sent to your buyers quickly.

#6 SEOPressor

Developed by Daniel Tan, SEOPressor is another wonderful on-page SEO plugin with features like perfect keyword decoration, fine tuning link network, targeted Meta content, social SEO analytics and clever image optimization. It is a paid plugin and the starter plan costs $47.

#7 Digg Digg

Developed by Andrew Yates and Joel G, Digg Digg is an immensely popular social media sharing plugin. It displays all the popular social sharing buttons such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Digg, Google+, LinkedIn and more. You can customize the button graphics and it supports lazy loading to increase website performance. The sharing buttons can be added on the top, bottom, left or right of the published post.

#8 Flare

Developed by multiple authors, Flare is a very attractive social media sharing plugin which allows you to add a follow widget, configure multiple share icons, customize icon appearance, and control its visibility on posts. The sharing button can be added on the left, right, top and bottom of the post content.

#9 Login Lockdown

Developed by Mvandemar, Login Lockdown is a simple and effective WordPress security plugin. Brute force attacks are common on WordPress blogs where the hacker tries to enter the site by multiple login attempts. This plugin locks down the login page visibility after three unsuccessful login attempts. Moreover, the IP address of the person is banned as well.

#10 WP Security Scanner

Developed by Acunetix, the WP-Security Scan plugin offers a comprehensive suite of WordPress blog protection features such as securing WordPress installation, hiding versions, protecting the admin details, database security and securing multiple file permissions. The plugin also checks the blog for security vulnerabilities.

#11 My Content Management

Developed by Joe Dolson, the plugin adds custom post types within the CMS structure such as testimonials, staff contributors, FAQ pages and others. There won’t be any conflict with other plugins and active themes. It supports shortcodes, custom display, taxonomy, operators, directions, custom wrapper, offsets and templates.

#12 Tiny MCE Advanced

Developed by Andrew Ozz, the Tiny MCE Advanced plugin improvises the default WordPress WYSIWYG editor. It adds enhancements like inserting HTML tag attributes, editing in-line CSS, creating and editing tables, advanced image dialogs, emoticons, print, advanced HR, visual characters and more.

#13 Editorial Calendar

Developed by multiple experts, the Editorial Calendar plugin helps a lot to streamline posting schedule, especially if it’s a multi-authored blog. You can see scheduled posts, drag and drop to change posting dates, manage drafts with drafts drawer, and quickly edit content, titles and times directly from the dashboard.

#14 Ultimate NoFollow

Developed by Luke Mlsna, it is the ultimate plugin to add rel=nofollow on outbound links. It uses the insert link popup box to add the nofollow checkbox. Apart from the basic function, there are several nofollow shortcodes, nofollow option for individual blogroll links and the feature to remove or add the nofollow tag from all links in comments.

#15 W3 Total Cache

Developed by Frederick Townes, it is a caching plugin which helps to improve server performance and speeds up page loading drastically. The plugin caches every aspect of the blog and delivers it to a visitor really quick. You can save up to 80% of data bandwidth. The caching plugin uses minify and HTML compression to cache RSS feeds, JavaScript and CSS.

#16 Super Cache

Developed in collaboration between and Donncha O Caoimh, it functions similarly to W3 Total Cache plugin. However, whenever I tested the plugin, my blog used to tank badly. Maybe, there were some problems with my configuration.

#17 Max CDN

Max CDN is the most popular content delivery network (CDN) that boosts your blog’s loading speed tremendously. While using any of the above two caching plugins is enough, considering making use of Max CDN services as well if the WordPress blog needs further speed optimization.

Max CDN stores all the blog static files like JavaScript and CSS, and delivers them to the visitors in the fastest possible time from the nearest located server.

Apart from these, bookmark Google Pagespeed Insights, and Monitor blog loading speed regularly.

#18 WP Smush It

Developed by Yahoo, the WP-SmushIt plugin is an image optimizer. Often, a WordPress blog loads slowly when there are high number of images consuming maximum resources. The plugin boosts speed by reducing the image size without impacting its image quality.

Alternatively, you could also install the Lazy Load plugin. The plugin loads images as the user scrolls down, saving a lot of bandwidth.


These 18 top WordPress plugins can help give your business a boost online very fast.

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