Trade Show Displays And Exhibit | Why Your Next Show Needs One

With every growing business there comes a time when you look around your office and say ” Maybe we could increase our business connections with attending some trade shows. You bounce the idea off a few of your top employees and they agree. Next thing you know the calendar is marked and everyone that is going is pumped up.

When you take your team to a trade show, you need to find the best trade show displays and exhibit. When people walk around the trade show they will scan the room for the ones that catch there eye. I have personally attended around 25 trade shows and i always want to be impressed with the best trade show display.

Trade Show Displays And Exhibit

trade show displays

There are company’s that will build your entire trade show displays and exhibit and set it up at the trade shows you attend.That is amazing to just show up and add your business cards and contact info. There are total turn key trade show display company that handle every little detail.

The types of trade show displays are:

1. Trade show Pop up displays

2. Trade show Panel trade show exhibits

3. Trade show Hybrid displays

4. Trade show Truss

5. Trade show Tension fabric displays

6. Trade show Graphic tents and canopies

7. trade show Pipe and drape

8. Trade show Banner stands

9. Trade show island exhibit

10. Trade show double decker truss display

Things to add to the trade show display:

1. Trade show furniture

2. Trade show flooring

3. Trade show lighting

4. Trade show director chairs

5. Trade show brochure stands

6. Trade show custom inflatable displays

7. Trade show kiosks

8. Trade show hanging banners

These will be add on items most the time on your new build out of your exhibit. Every company offers different packages , and some of this could be included. What you add or take away will depend on your companys budget and what they think is a feasible amount to invest into the trade shows.

Another option you will have when you first start out is renting an existing exhibit to see how you like the feel of running your own trade show booth. Some places offer weekly rentals, monthly. It will depend if your doing multiple trade shows or just doing one.

Normally all the exhibit trade show companies will rent any of the options above. Like we talked about before it will really come down to your budget and your expectations are from the show you attend. You will have to contact each company for there rates and what it all includes.

Employees of the trade show. This is a must as your employees are face to face with your potential customers. They represent you and your company. Rules that should apply at the convention:

1. No drinking alcohol during business hours

2. Do not flirt with all the cute girls-Looks sleazy to bosses with there employees

3. After hours don’t get to drunk at party’s

4. Don’t try and pick up your customers employees

5. Dress for success

6. Do not seem bored -Makes potential customers think you do not care

Now for the most important part of the trade show: Trade show checklist

1. Pick your booth staff

2. Show promotion: How are you marketing your booth? Social media? Magazines? Sponsorship? Giveaways?

3. Collecting your new potential customers contact info. Are you going to save business cards? Use Ipad to have them fill in there details?

Follow up is so necessary for the money you are spending to chase down every lead you have gained. That is pure gold you have.

Make sure to check with the trade show boss on where you need to get your electrical and plumbing set up. there could be a need for permits just to make sure there isnt a fire or flood. That would ruin the entire trade show and atmosphere. One thing for sure people would never ever forget your company or even your name.
You might make the news stations around the usa.
Just remember its a open business card, trade show displays represents your business.

Here is your closing list after the trade show is completely over:

Additional Items you need to Pack:

Show evaluation forms

Client lead forms-Fish bowl or Ipad

Return shipping labels

Extra power strips/extension cords

Extra Light Bulbs- Always need those

Emergency Trade Show Kit or “Gang Box”: Read our suggestions on what to pack here

Shipping carriers selected and all applicable documents supplied to carrier and facility

Trade show Shipping forms completed and turned in

Pick-up and arrival dates determined before show starts

Shipping to show, hotel, or advanced warehouse facility?

Return shipping arranged with prepared return shipping labels is critical

I hope to see you at a trade show soon. If you are there look for me and ill check out your trade show display, ill even buy you a beer. Good day people.

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