Did you want to start your own ATM machine business? Huge easy money

I think everyone has dreamed of owning a business that they can set up and sit back and collect money every week without little work involved. One of those businesses are the atm machine business.

You can buy them, find placement and set them up.First you need to find a atm machine for sale , maybe a few of them. Start small and work your way up. Once you can find one for sale you will need to find a secure location to place your new atm machine.

Usually places will charge you a monthly rent fee for placement, you will need a power connection and internet to connect to a atm network to process your customers withdraws. Steps to get your atm business started are:

atm machine business

1. Get a business license

2. Find a new or used atm machine

3. Find your first location – sign contract and set it up

4. Stock with cash , and security.

5. After 60 days if things improve rinse and repeat.

Here is a list of what makes a good atm location for business

1. Concert venues,indoor and outdoor venues

2. Traveling fairs and carnivals

3. Colleges, high schools and universities

4. Convenience stores

5. Grocery stores

5. Close to adult entertainment

Now that you can locate your new atm location for starting your business you will need to make sure the machines are in excellent viability at all times. If its hidden or dark area people will not use it and they might not even know its there.

Dependability is a must, now that you have the perfect location it has to be Dependable. make sure it works at all times, check it before any major events take place.

Test the machine and always have a back up if the machine goes down so your not getting a bad reputation and maybe would lose the location over the issue.

Make sure you have the locations stocked with all the types of bills at all times. Usually $5.00-$10.00-$20.00-$50.00 are the ones people are using when starting there atm machine business.

Once you buy atm machine, how much money can you make? Good question lets explore this option.

Our formula is 3 – 5% of people that see an ATM machine will likely use the ATM machine. For example, your new location has an average of 300 customers that visit each day. You could expect, or assume that approximately 12 of those 300 people would use the ATM daily.

Then take those 12 people, multiply it by the amount of surcharge you are charging, then take that number and multiply it by the number of days of business. This will give an ATM business owner, or new owner, this will give an estimate of how much revenue could or should be generated from the machine in a year number one.

Now people ask us all the time the cost of an atm machine. It really will depend on what model or age of the machine. I usually tell people they are around the 2,000-5500.00 area. This is what i have seen on cash machine prices around my area.

But if you buy from a bigger place you could get a discount on your atm machine price, and especially if you are buying multiple atm machines at any given time. They semm to give volume discounts for multiple machines.

When searching google use a few terms for searching:

1. atm for sale

2. buy an atm

3. cost of an atm machine

4. Purchase a atm machine

5. used atm machine business

So as you can see the business can be very profitable and can grow as long as you keep selecting your atm machine business locations perfectly. If you have 20 machines making you 25.00 dollars a day that really adds up in a month.

That’s over 25,000 a month gross, subtract the location rent and your internet connection and some back end processing fee’s.

Your still taking home over 10,000 a month . Not bad , i would be jealous, now go start your new atm business and let us know how it goes.

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