Web Hosting for NonProfits – Free isn’t the Answer!

Free isn’t always better as the saying goes, and it couldn’t be truer. This is especially true for building websites and using free hosting accounts. Often, non-profit websites are built for free and this isn’t always the best way to go. Web hosting for nonprofits can be a great way to get your website up and running for your organization. But really paid hosting has a great benefit and your support staff helping you will be much better.


Most non-profit organizations tend to struggle with staying financially stable and that’s why it’s hard for them to use web hosting that requires monthly fees as well as website domains that require annual fees.


web hosting for nonprofits

These organizations tend to go towards free websites allowing them to have an online presence but unless they are hosted properly and maintained, they may not be seen by the public unless the website is directly punched in.


Many people wonder why free website building is not the way to go for non-profit organizations, and businesses in general. Here are a few reasons to avoid free websites.


web hosting for nonprofits

Web Hosting for Non-Profits

This comes as no surprise that non-profit organizations tend to set up their free website and then they have no control as to what the hosting company does. Take for example once a website is up banner ads and more are out of your control. If you have the ability to run your site with a paid hosting account you can put in your own banner ads and get paid for that as well when people click on those banners.


Free website builders can often take control of your website and this is something people don’t read in the fine print. This causes havoc for organizations and leading to them having to go back to the drawing board in regard to building a new site.


Decreased Security

While laws are in place as far as free website building is concerned, you don’t have as much security as you want or should have. Ultimately, it’s about keeping your website safe and secure from people and companies trying to take over, free websites aren’t really going to stick to the promise of protecting you. Your site becomes prey for hackers and malware attacks which will ultimately ruin your site.


Everything is Slower

Non-Profit Website Hosting

Have you ever gone to a website and noticed a lag between pages? This is frustrating and often times leads visitors to leave a site. Not everyone has the time to wait and with free website building videos, page loading and more works at a slower pace. This comes as a result often times from companies cramming too many sites on one single server making it hard to work properly. Companies don’t take the time to fix these issues as they may not have the money.


Once you are convinced that free website builders aren’t for you, consider paying for a domain and hosting that will get you the results you want and need for success. There are companies such as FatCow that offer all you need to get your site up and going in no time at all. They allow you to build your site and monitor it for issues and can help beginners as well with getting set up.


Whether you’re searching for Church Hosting or you need to find another type of web hosting for nonprofits, FatCow is the top choice in the industry. You won’t need to spend much to get started and they will provide just what you need for your non-profit website.


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