WebHostingPad Review

WebHostingPad Review – Top 10 Host 2016

webhostingpad review

webhostingpad review screenshotOur WebHostingPad review revealed that this host provides its clients with state of the art reliable, blazing fast servers, and a very good service that makes you understand why we have selected it as one of our top 10 best hosting companies. Many regard this host as among the best that the hosting industry has to offer.

What follows provides a partial listing of what they offer:

  • arrowUnlimited Bandwidth
  • arrowUnlimited Disk Space
  • arrow99.9% Uptime Server Guarantee
  • arrowUnlimited Hosting of Domains
  • arrow30 – Day Satisfaction Guarantee
  • arrowBrand New Data Center
  • arrowAward Winning Customer Service

This host is an experienced veteran in the area of hosting and they are able to deliver good hosting service with the efficiency and speed of reliable servers. In our group of the best 10 hosting companies, WebHostingPad has risen to the third place in record time.


When you sign-up with WebHostingPad, you would be provided with a free domain you can immediately customize for your niche website, and you can be assured that your plan with this host will be affordably priced. For only $1.99 you will be able to host a website with WebHostingPad.


You can get additional information on this host at


Current Hosting Prices:

$1.99 monthly for 3 years service
$2.75 monthly for 2 years service

WebHostPad Special Sale Price:

Just $1.99 monthly

WebHostingPad Review Uptime Server Guarantee of 99.9*% (WebHostingPad Review)


As hard as it is to believe, this host promises an outstanding server uptime guarantee to its hosting clients.


While its competitors may advertise an uptime server guarantee of 99.9%, they are not always performing at that rate. Where WebHostingPad is concerned, however, you can count on them time and again to deliver that degree of server uptime.


The uptime and downtime of a server would not be too difficult to measure, if you have just a little bit of technical know-how. You can monitor your server uptime and if you experience any downtime at all you can report it to the host. Chances are that you will find any such lag time in the system. The host works very hard to maintain its servers operation so that they will not invalidate their guarantee.


We all appreciate the fact that the servers our websites depend on are constantly up and functioning as they should. Our aim is to have these sites in a constant up state so that our customers will have access to them 24/7/365, and also because we want the generation of revenue from the sites to never stop. It is critically important to choose wisely when selecting a web host for your website. Since our website revenue depends on the site’s uptime, we will want to choose a reputable and reliable hosting provider.

Customer Service Situations (WebHostingPad Review)

The situation is very familiar to most people. It may happen at the oddest hours of the day or night. Your website seems to be experiencing problems and not only are you at a loss to analyze the problem yourself, you certainly are not able to fix it. You are at your wits end and will soon blow a fuse if the issue is not fixed and soon.


This is a situation, even if it is 2 a.m. in the morning, which you would want to get a support team on the phone to assist with some trouble shooting and to put in a fix – and you want it right away. The award winning customer support of WebHostingPad are always there 24/7/365 to help you if anything goes terribly wrong and will correct the problem without delay.


What this should show us all is that we must pay attention to the quality of the customer service that is a part of the hosting plans you are considering. The standard in the industry is 24/7/365, and while that may be provided by most hosting companies, some external verification of how effective a host’s customer support really is will provide you with a greater confidence that you are choosing the right host. Not taking these initial precautions, could lead to some real nightmares.


Low Hosting Charges (WebHostingPad Review)

With WebHostingPad you can get what is probably the lowest priced hosting plan of all web hosts due to the special promotions they offer. This fact alone will catch the attention of many people who are looking for web hosting. If you look through the reviews on this host you will be pleasantly surprised to find that they are always positive and constantly affirm the value this host provides in his service. They get rave testimonials from their customers and they are often praised for their superior customer support and the inexpensive yet value packed service they provide.