Which Website Practices Should you Avoid at all Costs?

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Beginners often look for what they should do and forget about some of the common website practices they should avoid. Sometimes understanding what you shouldn’t do helps. Here are a few things you should always avoid doing with your website.


Choosing a Bad Hosting Company

One of the first things you will need to do is find an excellent hosting company. If you choose the wrong company, this could become a huge issue in the future.


Website Practices

Bad hosting companies don’t provide the reliability you need or the support you need. If you want to ensue you get a good hosting company, choose FatCow Hosting. They provide one of the best packages for an affordable price of just $3.15 per month. Find out more about FatCow here.


Pop-Up Ads

Pop-up ads are quite annoying. They have their place, but they are not the best thing to put on your site. Most people feel like pop-ups are equivalent to spam and won’t stay on your site as soon as they see the pop-up, especially if the ad is offensive in nature.


No Search Box

Search Box

It’s so easy to put a search box on your site and it makes it so easy for your visitors to find what they are after. Make sure you provide a search box or your visitors may not like your site as much.


Very Long Pages

Pages need to be the right length. When they are very long, they are harder to scroll through and digest. This is why many sites take longer articles and split them into multiple parts. You can link to the next part of the post at the bottom and make it easier on your website visitors.


Automatic Audio

There isn’t anything more annoying than opening a website in a new tab that you are not quite ready to view, but it starts playing audio. This is something most people don’t like and it’s annoying. Avoid using automatic audio, if at all possible.


Typos & Misspellings

You can get away with an occasional typo, as we are all human, but if you have quite a few and misspellings throughout your content, your credibility will be shot. You want to make sure you proofread as much as possible and catch as many typos and misspellings as you can.


Hard to Find Contact Info

Trust is built by providing your contact information on your website. However, if it’s hard to find or inaccurate, it will break that trust. Usually, websites will put this information in the footer, on a contact us page or at the top of the page.


Random Content Not Fitting with your Site


Random, irrelevant content isn’t necessary for your website. Whether you love cat videos or inspirational quotes, they don’t belong on your website. Keep your content relevant to your site and the rest can go on your social media profiles.


These are just a few of the things you should avoid when you start building your website. Avoiding each of these things will help to keep your website in line with the best website practices.


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