ZippyKid Review-Pressable Review

Zippykid Review-Pressable Review

pressable review

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Zippykid Review-Pressable Review


I have been developing and running blogs on WordPress for years. WordPress in my opinion is the greatest content management solution ever created for the internet. This is why no matter what kind of website or blog I create; I use WordPress as my main CMS application. WordPress has earned itself such a huge name and reputation that it is known all over the world now. This is why several hosting companies now exist that offer exclusive packages for WordPress hosting only. This review will focus on one such hosting company known as ZippyKid, wordpress only hosting company.The biggest news is that zippykid is now pressable. So here is our zippykid review-pressable review.


Just a few months back I heard about ZippyKid review. I was tired of my previous hosting company because of the fact that my blog grew so much that they could not handle the traffic anymore. I tried again and again to contact the customer and technical support of that company to gain some insight on why my websites were lacking in performance. Since they did not have a live phone support, I had to rely on emails, which they answer after three days mostly. This was completely disappointing and in the end I had no choice but to move on because these guys were unable to offer me servers that would support my sites traffic.


When I finally decided to change my hosting company, I found out about ZippyKid from a friend who also runs a lot of blogs on WordPress. On his advice I went to the hosting company and checked their plans. Satisfied with what they were offering, I decided to try and move my websites to their servers.


The best thing about ZippyKid is that when you intend to shift your websites to their servers, their technical staff is ready to handle the migration for you. This is an amazing service considering that they do not charge for it. Also another thing to mention here is their excellent customer support. I found that these guys offer telephone support so instead of emailing them I contacted them via phone. To my surprise I was not taken to an automated call service, I actually had a chance to talk to a human. This was pretty much a solid reason for me to move on because I was tired of emailing my previous company for support.


There are many reasons for my positive experience with ZippyKid hosting company. Their customer support is always online and ready to help. Apart from that, the company also offers great packages for individuals, businesses and organizations. If you are unaware, ZippyKid has very attractive packages; here is what you get:

Basic Plan $25 per month 1 Site

Great for individuals with heavy traffic oriented blogs
Bandwidth offering 100,000 pageviews per month
Small Businesses Plan $70

Basic Plan $25 per month 5 Site

Great for small businesses or individuals running multiple websites
Bandwidth of 150,000 pageviews each month

High Profile Plan $399 1 site

  • arrowGreat for very large websites
  • arrowBandwidth of 1 million pageviews per month
  • arrowComes pre installed with SSL SPDY

All plans from ZippyKid include the following features:

  • arrow CDN
  • arrowRackSpace Hybrid Cloud
  • arrow SFTP Access
  • arrow Dedicated IP Support
  • arrow Daily Backup
  • arrow F5 Load balancers
  • arrow Collaborators
  • arrow SSL Support
  • arrow Malware Scanning
  • arrow Redundant Architecture
  • arrow Intrusion Detection
  • arrow Managed upgrades


I love the fact that ZippyKid automatically backups your websites daily. Before I signed up with this hosting company, I had to make sure that I backed up my sites at least after every two days. The content on my sites was so large that losing it would be a huge problem for me. I have actually had this problem in the past when my site got deleted and my content was not backed up. This can be extremely painful and knowing that someone is doing the job for you while you sleep is quite helpful. Zippykid Review-Pressable Review , have you used them? Give us your feedback so we can add to this overall review.


ZippyKid is an excellent WordPress only hosting solution. If you are tired of your current hosting company because they can’t handle your traffic anymore, you should immediately think about moving to this hosting company. I have been using it for quite some time without much problem. Their customer support is excellent and the servers rarely ever go down.These are still the same company Zippykid Review-Pressable Review, just a basic name change.