Web Hosting Reviews - Top 10 Web Hosts (2014)

Welcome to the DailyHosting.Net General Hosting Showcase. Should you be looking for a strong overall hosting provider for your website, this can be a great place to start. Please take a minute to look over the following companies and contact any one of them for their latest specials and new features!

Our picks for the 10 Best Web Hosting companies for 2010 – 2015, have been decided and have been awarded to the providers listed below:
The task of deciding the ordering of the many hosts we considered for our listing was not an easy one, but we were able to finalize it and declared that FatCow was the #1 winner.

FatCow Declared #1 Top Web Host – HostMonster Declared Second

We reviewed FatCow hosting and, based on a number of the provider’s offerings and qualities including its professionalism, customer support, pricing, security, hosting plans and reliability, we came to the conclusion that by far, FatCow provided he overall superior hosting.

In second place came HostMonster – Providing affordable hosting plans that are varied and can be used to meet the needs of most hosting clients.

Best Web Hosting – 10 Top Web Host Picks

In reviewing the top hosts, we have presented our findings in such a way as to allow users to identify the hosts that will best suit the needs of their business and their personal websites.

In addition, we have not only established a ranking amount the hosts, but we have isolated the web hosts into categories that include dedicated server hosting, e-commerce hosting, web hosting, reseller hosting and affordable hosting plans. Annually, we will carry out reviews of many web hosts to refresh and update our listing.

You may access the side bar on this web page for the awards list for 2010 -2015.

Details on the #2 Top Web Host Pick

We selected HostMonster.com for the second position in our top ten hosts list of the Best Hosting Award. The host achieved this position for its varied hosting solutions that provides their clients with suitable hosting options, and for its cheap hosting fees they make available without compromising its quality of service.

The web hosts we have singled out in the top 10 listing provide unique cheap web hosting options in the areas of hosting for churches, hosting for businesses, hosting for e-commerce websites, shared website hosting, personal hosting, VPS hosting , dedicated hosting and many others.

HostMonster (#2 Pick for Best Web Host)

This host charges a reasonable hosting fee of just $3.95 to its hosting clients. Daily Hosting strongly recommends HostMonster for your hosting needs because their web hosting overshadows all others in the hosting arena.

Our congratulations are extended to this host for achieving the #2 position in the top hosting list. The quality features that were the deciding factor in the choice of FatCow’s nomination for the number one  best hosting pick are outstanding customer support, superb server uptime, and good quality service. FatCow should be commended for this achievement.

You can access cheap web hosting reviews on these web pages for any of the hosts we have mentioned on this page.

Facts on Web Hosting

We have created a number of web hosting guides for the education of anyone not familiar with web hosting and its concepts. These are made available to you free of charge and they should be helpful in answering all of your questions.

Please feel free to access these reports.

What is Web Hosting?

The term web-hosting refers to the leasing of storage of memory space on web servers, for the installation and keeping of websites. These are provided by a web hosting provider or a web host as they are often called. A variety of sites can be hosted or stored in this way, and these websites include personal websites, and also business websites. The Internet  has a vast number of websites each of which is leasing memory space on a server somewhere in the world.

The task for each webmaster is to locate just the right web host for his website’s specific needs.

Types of Hosting Services Available

When you are looking for the right host for your business, there are many factors to bear in mind before you can make an informed decision on a dependable and affordably priced host.

To simplify the process you need to determine the answers to certain questions regarding your website. You should know the quantity of traffic the website is attracting, the purpose of the website and the budget you can invest on your website. Once those questions are answered, you must next look at the different types of hosting available.

Shared hosting

This is by far the most well used and popular type of hosting available. It is used for the hosting of a variety of different websites including, e-commerce sites, real estate websites, personal websites and business sites.

The shared hosting option is the most affordable of all hosting options and that applies to all web hosts that offer the option. DailyHosting.net feels that as many as 90% of all websites online, could be adequately served with the use of shared hosting.

VPS Hosting

The needs of the remaining 10 % of websites could be adequately serviced by virtual private servers (VPS) and by the use of dedicated server hosting. VPS hosting is utilized by websites that have medium to heavy volume of traffic, and this hosting is usually 5-7 times costlier than shared hosting. However, it is still more affordable that dedicated server hosting.

Dedicated Hosting

The top of the pinnacle in web hosting comes in the form of dedicated hosting.

This type of hosting is the most expensive of all other types, and is most suitable for application based websites. The outstanding features of this type of hosting lies in the reliability, the security and the stability the servers provide.

SingleHop is an example of a host that provides dedicated hosting. Access our web pages here for additional information on this web hosting provider. Finding the right web hosting company involves looking at several factors before you can make the final decision.

Consider how affordably priced the hosting charges are.

Since many reputable hosting companies provide valuable service at just $3.95 monthly, you can use that as your standard to go by and try not to pay more than that rate.

Choosing a host based on the cheapest hosting fee may not be the best way to go. It could provide you with a starting point from which you can scale up your service accordingly. Look for a hosting company that has good, efficient servers in use, good responsive customer service and provides Ruby, Java, HTML, Ajax, and PHP. You can select any of our chosen top 10 hosts for these desirable features and resources.

Using our free hosting guide, you could compare different hosting companies. Read also the reviews on these web pages and elsewhere for information that will allow you to make an informed decision on your hosting choice.

Use Free Buyers Guide

We have provided free of charge, a buyer’s guide to assist you in getting additional information on the best hosting options for your websites

Our Web Hosting Lingo guide provides terms and information a beginner would appreciate. Another resource is our Insider’s Guide which will come in handy just before making your final decision on a hosting provider.

At DailyHosting.net, our web pages contain tools and resources on various hosts providing services. Regardless of whether you are looking for a dedicated solution, a reseller hosting, VPS hosting , or cloud hosting, you will find the information you need on these webpages.

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