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Best Dedicated Hosting –#1 Pick

Of all the hosting types, dedicated hosting is usually regarded as the ultimate kind of hosting. It does provide a great value, but at a cost. The hosting needs of big companies are best satisfied by this kind of hosting.

In most cases, a website’s hosting needs will be satisfied well by the use of a shared hosting plan, cloud hosting and even by VPS hosting. Although these options are much cheaper, they also provide great value and they are more than adequate for most businesses.


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For the higher end, complicated business websites, and the complex eCommerce websites that are growing and consuming a great amount of resources, they will need hosting on the more expensive and exclusive dedicated servers.

The value this type of hosting provides is well worth the cost. It is the best hosting plan, given the amount of power, reliability, security and resources that it provides.

Top Dedicated Hosting Choice for 2016 – (#1 LiquidWeb)


How Much Does Dedicated Hosting Cost?

The dedicated hosting cost when compared to the other hosting types is quite expensive. However, should your website need the resources and the features that dedicated hosting provide, it would be worth it to you.


On the average, dedicated server packages will cost about $150 and $200 every month. There is quite a difference in the cost as compared to shared hosting prices.


A big difference!! However, the dedicated hosting plans are intended for the big companies that have big resource requirements. A good rule of thumb to go by is that if your website generates $10,000 and greater in revenue each month, then you will require a dedicated server.


Customized Scripts (Dedicated Hosting)

With a dedicated server, you will find that customized scripts will execute much more efficiently, and the server will allow greater control of operations. This may be a fact that most of you are aware of, but it was mentioned here so that everyone will be informed.


Protection of Assets with Dedicated Servers (Dedicated Hosting)

With a dedicated hosting package, your website is given a greater security, and the possibility of server crashes is almost unheard of. Should the server be down for just 1 hour, it could be quite devastating to the webmaster, because the downtime may occur at a crucial time for the business.

It may occur at a time when the site would normally experience a large volume of sales, and that downtime would result in lost revenue.


We will provide you with the good points of dedicated web hosting for those of you considering this hosting option. A word of caution is in order here. It would not be good netiquette for us to suggest one particular hosting company, but the cost you pay for anything will usually dictate the value you will receive.


Therefore any cheap dedicated hosting could turn out to be a grave mistake. The best way to get the best deal is to consider the value you are receiving along with the price you have to pay for it. You will have a few good choices to select from. We have indicated our top 10 hosting picks above.


Choosing UnManaged or Managed Dedicated Servers (Best Dedicated Hosting)

Managed web hosting is an ideal solution for a business’ website. When you have a managed hosting solution, your only concern would be to provide the content for the site. How much more does it cost? It does come at a greater cost, but not much greater.


It allows you to concentrate on your business activities and not on the server issues of your hosting plan. However, if you are technically gifted or you have an IT staff , you may prefer to go with the unmanaged dedicated hosting option.


Many people like to have complete control, and if that is you also, then the unmanaged plan should be the one you select.


It should be borne in mind that dedicated hosting is tended for the large organizations, and if you are not yet there, you will be able to tell when one is needed for your company.